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A Happy Feast!

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                 Stardate: 88517.5 (May 17th, 2015)

Its been quite a while since we had our dinner gathering. Its more like a reunion for us SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) members to come together and feast on the loads of buffet on the table.

So there’s 8 of us, who can make it for today’s gathering to sat down and indulge on the buffet of 1Market by Chef Wan. He’s that popular chef from Malaysia, that brings together his receipts that were influenced by his travels around the ASEAN region. Not only there’s the Malay favourites. The kampong-design buffet restaurant also offers a variety selection of Japanese delights. Sushi, were one of them and that you can never miss!

So we spend the whole evening. Laughing, joking about the past we had been through. What we have been doing currently since some of us have not been seeing each other for quite some time. Also discussing about our future events as we enjoy the huge range of tasty choices. Its a matter of spending the moments together like a happy family whenever we are free. A sense of belonging =) 

Nevertheless, there’s more gathering and events to come. And I hope I can join in. As long as I’m free and still capable to be part of the club =)

*We had forgotten to take a group photo. Damn!*