Trick And Be Tricked!

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                   Stardate: 81304.5 (Apr 13th, 2015)

About a week ago, me and my girlfriend visited this Alive Museum which is located at Suntec City. From there, I had stated that we shall visited a rather similar one which is located at Sentosa. Known as the Trick Eye Museum. Friends we know had been visiting both and each had their own opinions. Some prefer the Alive Museum more than the Trick Eye. Some the opposite. For us, we just gonna see how much fun and interactive this Trick Eye Museum has to offer.

Originated from Korea, this Trick Eye Museum is about shaping art technique in transforming 2D paintings and sculptures into 3D optical illusion. 2D paintings from floor to wall to ceiling will appear to pop to live when seen from the camera. You just have to know how to angle the position of your camera to achieve a great results. At the same time to become an object of a realistic masterpiece. Based on the paintings and exhibits, you can complete a visual narrative with any of your creative pose. 

Similar to the Alive Museum, there’s also photo points on the floor where it can help you where to stand to get the right shot.

The museum consists of 6 different themes. All family oriented. World of Masterpiece, Safari Kingdom, Star of Circus, Dream of Fairy Tale, Love In Winter and Adventure Discovery. There’s even a circus, right at the entrance.

Since its based in Singapore, some of the artworks; infact majority of the artworks were designed with elements of the country’s culture. Such as the horse-racing and the Merlion. Its nice to see how some of the exhibits were dedicated for the country. Being original as ever once set foot on this island. 

You will see yourself levitating. Scaling up the walls. Hanging on the ceiling. Defying gravity. Before this I wonder how they do that. Now I know why. Its a matter of rotating your photos. This applies the same for Alive Museum =)

Best of these photos will tell where seeing is not believing….

trick eye 2              trick eye!

Now to differentiate between Alive and Trick Eye. Both offers the similar concept and variety of artworks. Both were imported from Korea. Price is the same. Alive is more into art itself with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions. While Trick Eye is more into shaping art into the effect of optical illusions.

Kinda more or less the same. Don’t you think?

Alive Museum has a lot of fun and interactive artworks and exhibits. Best for the whole family. They are features when you can blow dozens of fan and trampoline for more action shots. These includes Superheroes themes, as well as those animated movies like Penguins of Madagascar. Kids will definitely love these! Recommended place for them.

Trick Eye Museum has quite a number of artistic impressions, fairy tale and fantasy effects. Infact the colours that were use here were quite fairytale look. Quite cute in a way. Some of the things that girl will adore. There’s also artworks and exhibits that were a good choice for couple for a romantic take.

While the Alive Museum is spacious and much more open to take a good photo, the Trick Eye Museum is somewhat cramp. The exhibits and displays were place side by side and I find myself often ended up in another exhibit just to get a good shot. Even get bump into other visitors. Other than that, the area on both places looks somewhat the same as you are moving in circles.

As mention earlier, both offers the same concept of art. One thing that can never be missed was the use of Singapore’s elements as part of the exhibits since it was been held here. You will see some similar exhibits and display. Like been eaten up by giant freak monsters. Being a giant and being small. Being a part of a circus act.

Either way, both represents what’s visual and optical illusions is all about. You will definitely throw yourself and be amazed as part of those grant masterpiece. Whichever you want to pose. 

So if you are looking for a package as a family fun-loving and that kids will look up to, I recommended the Alive Museum. It got a lot of adventurous and creative fun shots exhibits. Rather more to entertainment. Its best for groups and those who prefer to stay close in town.

But you are looking for a more bolder, romantic, nostalgic display, fairy tale appearance, a part of a renowned masterpiece, I recommended the Trick Eye. Girls will adore them. Especially for couples going for a romantic date. A good choice since there’s artworks dedicated for lovers. Hehe… =D

Overall conclusion? Both were family fun and beats the same to be precise! =D


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