Happy 31st Me!

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                             Stardate: 81125.6 (Mar 25th, 2015)

Most times, best gifts don’t always comes from boxes. Its comes from the person’s heart, where he or she will always be there for you. To show their commitments, support, encouragement. Love, when you are a couple. No matter what it takes. Sure, we appreciate the gifts that were given to us. A feeling of sentimental value. Its the thoughts for counts for most =)

Yesterday the 24th was my 31st birthday. I had invited my Toku gang to come celebrate with me at my place. Just like last year. Its not really a party. Just a simple gathering with nice food and soon followed by the birthday cake.

food birthday

As I had mentioned earlier, gifts doesn’t have to be always from boxes. You had good friends, your loved ones celebrating with you on your big day. That matters the most. Cause they are my gifts which can never replace other gifts. We share stories, discuss on upcoming events, laugh and joke thoughout the entire evening. A simple gathering. No party. But a never-ending and fulfilling fun. We are bonded within the same community. Like a family and we will always maintain this way.

You guys are awesome to being there for my 31st birthday. Once again, thank you for coming and thank you for the gifts. I appreciate all the things, big or small that were given to me. This way, I can never feel old! Hahahaha! Thanks guys!




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