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Captain’s log                                                Stardate: 89835.7 (Feb 9th, 2015)

I always thought Cat Cafe only existed in Japan. Until my mum told me that there’s one in Singapore. So I Google. Turns out there’s more than just one. After much reading, I choose the one where many cat lovers had been and been recommended by them. I’m a cat lover myself, and had adopt few at home. So with that, I bring my girlfriend with me who also loves cats to check out the place.

Both of us dropped by at the place yesterday the 8th. The cafe is relatively small. But quite cozy with a friendly and colourful environment. Its houses about 13 – 14 cats. I’ve read that the cats were either ex-stray or cats abandoned by their owners. They were rescued by Kitty Care Haven and now they found a home at the cafe. You can also adopt a cat from there.

The cats are free to roam about in such an environment where you can interact with them while enjoying to a wide selection of coffee, tea and cakes. You can play with them. Pet them. But you are not allowed to carry them. Well that’s too bad…

But nevertheless, they were all just too adorable to resist. And most were quite friendly. When comes to their feeding time, they will just ran around their owners as they placed their bowls of cat food each on the floor. Its just so cute seeing them running around while waiting to be fed! =D

cats frame 2


cats frame 1

So if you love cats, do visit this Cat Cafe, where the people there will strive to give you the perfect combination of cats, coffee, tea and pastries. All comes together in a safe and clean environment where you can interact with your feline friends. I might be coming down here again to meet them again in the future. Its purrrrfect! =D

The cafe is located at 241B Victoria Street Level 3. Bugis area. Just right above Burger King.



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