Mission: IMH

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                 Stardate: 89913.6 (Feb 8th, 2015)

Yesterday the 7th, 4 Toku heroes and a Monkey God seek out their journey to spread the happiness and joy to those special people in need. All members from Pause For A Cause, our next mission was at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). We have 2 of our minders to help out from time to time. This also includes, one of their staff whom I believe, will tag along with us as the God of Fortune. Looks like the Monkey God has found someone who very much like a distant cousin he can click with =D

We also work alongside with a volunteer group known as The Achievers. They are friends of IMH, which is a non-profit, non-religious volunteer group, and have been working with the special group of people with mental disabilities at the IMH.

Our founder had place me in-charge to lead the group since he can’t make it. Our schedule was that we shall visit some of the homes which is under IMH. Once after we shall conducting wards visit inside IMH. This program is also part of the upcoming Chinese New Year. To bring out the joy and love for the patients =)

Me and my pals had also put up our cosplay fashion show at one of the homes. We had done this like many times that its starting to become a norm to us. Our way of introduction. Hahaha! Its something that we can expect of, and unexpected for the people that we gonna visit. At the same time, pose with us for photo taking  The patients there truly enjoy the show that we had put up. Giving them the best to make them happy due to their long stay.

Next, we will visit the wards at IMH. Like a normal hospital visits, we will greet the patients, doing our best we can to mingle with them, make friends with them. They were given oranges, chocolates and other snacks by each tour. The patients here, starting from one of the homes were mostly senior citizens. I estimate from 50 – 70 years of age. Could be higher.

The last ward we visit was the Child Guidance Clinic. We were told that it houses not more than 20 patients at one time, and they are adolescents. This is perfect for us Toku heroes. 2 Power Rangers, 1 Kamen Rider and an Ultraman since we are among the many superheroes that most kids loved. There’s only 5 kids inside their recreational room where we visit. They were so delighted to see us! 

Many credits to the photographers! =)
(Note: We are not to disclose the photos of the patients as to respect and protect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding)


At the end of the day, it has taught us a valuable lesson to appreciate the things in life and be happy of who you are. No matter how mentally and sick they were, they were still humans. Nothing is perfect in this world. We are there for a purpose. To make them happy cause we care. They deserved to be treated like any other ordinary humans.

Its really sad to see some of them in such a state. So that’s why its important to accept the things, no matter how little it was, and to appreciate it. Learn to take good care and those around you. Cause life is short.

I would like to thank the organizer and the Achievers for giving us this great opportunity to be part of this volunteer program. And not forgetting our minders, you guys are awesome! Guiding us along the way back and fro.

The patients there were happy and joyful to see us spending the day with them at their side. We make their day as much as they make ours! =D


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