Hideout For Some Cakes And Ice-Cream

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                             Stardate: 81132.6 (Jan 02nd, 2015)

The 1st post of this new year will be spending the day out with my girl at this cafe known as The Hideout. Tucked quietly in a quiet neighbourhood of Cassia Cresent, the cafe offers a unique range of cakes, ice-cream, even waffles and mouth-watering food to satisfy your hunger needs. I came across this on the internet while searching for newly opened cafes island wide. Based on the number of positive comments given, it seems like a good choice and decided to give it a try.

The cafe was relatively small, but quite unique with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Quite spacious too, and enough for at least 20 people to occupy the place. Wasn’t that crowded also.

We decided to try the waffles there as first timers. The next round will perhaps try out the mouth-watering dishes.

The waffles was the best I’ve eaten so far. You can have it plain or with a scoop of ice-cream. Or can combine with other varieties at your desire. And the price there was affordable. Worth to eat and chill at the same time. One of the places that was recommended for a family day out, for tea break or even a quick break after your work ends. My girlfriend enjoys the waffles as much as I do. Its really appetizing! =)

Though it does serve some dishes, The Hideout is more of a dessert restaurant due to its wide selection of ice-cream flavours and cakes. Looks really appealing. The ice-cream we had was smooth and just right. Its local delights! Very dense. I be sure be back for more! =D

Its located at Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50. Nearest MRT will either be at Mountbatten or Dakota station. A 5 – 7 mins walk. Google it to find out more! =)

I did not take any photos of the place (Damn, I should have!). So have to source a few good ones from the internet. Many credits to the respective owners! =)

the hideout


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