Best Highlights Of 2014!

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                              Stardate: 79014.6 (Dec 28th, 2014)

Few more days before 2014 comes to an end. This year alone had brought me to face quite a number of ups and downs. I cannot say that the year has not been good to me. I mean, everyone had their own problems. And also the fact that each year we will face new challenges, opportunities and even encountered more problems. I could only say that’s much sadness involved for me. A lot of awful things happened and I had try to drown that sadness ever since. I’ve suffered long enough. Been told many times not to look back because there’s nothing for me there.

But as time goes by, other then facing what normally we hate the most, we will also face what’s good along the way. There’s always that stroke of happiness where we shall hang out with your loved ones, friends on gatherings, events, you named it.

So before the year comes to an end, I will always listed down best highlights that has been happening and what’s been accomplished. So here I go!

Date: 16th March 2014

A small group of us from our friendly Pause For A Cause community had taken part for this donation drive while donned in our suits. So we were there to attract the members of public, while helping out the volunteers doing the donations. So you see, our community is also involved in helping raising funds for animals like cats and dogs whenever we see fit. It still part of our commitment in making a difference to society.

Unfortunately, there are no cats on that day as we expected there might be. But still, we had fun =)


Date: 3oth March 2014

I’ve reached the end of my years of being in my 20s. Feeling like so old of all a sudden…=D The time flies so fast that I’m beginning to miss those years….

For my 30th birthday, I had invited all my Red Rangers buddies to celebrate my birthday with me. With that, I had propose the theme as “Forever Red” birthday bash. It may sounds “bash.” But its just a simple gathering with mouth-watering food that my mum had cooked. Most importantly, its having the comfort with awesome friends coming over to celebrate your birthday. This way, you can never feel old! =D


Date: 6th April 2014

Of all the Malay weddings I’ve attended, the one I attended that day is the best ever! Among all the guests there were the awesome group of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders, that comes together to celebrate two of our Rangers who are getting married. One cosplay as the Black Ranger while the other is the Pink.

I wish both husband and wife all the best in this new journey of yours and a blissful marriage. A new chapter has opened for you and may this path leads you for a brighter future ahead. May you always remember the love you feel today, enjoy your time and and happy together. 


Date: 22TH June 2014

Its another fun filling day for the community of Pause For A Cause to come together to bring smile for the kids. On that day, we were heavily involved with Project GIVE, where the team work alongside with Kandang Kerbau Hospital’s (KKH) Homecare team. Their aim is to provide joy, happiness, cheers and lots of love for those kids with special needs. With us providing the best of our support, we can ensure the kids and their families that this will be an awesome event they won’t forget. 

6 of us Power Rangers show up at the event. Because of that the event’s theme will be the morphenomenal Power Rangers! Superheroes who carried the symbol of hope and happiness. The kids and their families were widely amazed as they did not expect us, the Power Rangers to make an appearance. Its a very meaningful event =)


Date: 5th – 6th July 2014

Most favourite event ever from many of us cosplayers, and one of the events that I hate to miss. 1st day donned as the Red Ranger, while the 2nd day with the dragonshield wrapped around my chest. Its one of those events also dedicated for families and friends to come on down and spend the day with the cosplayers. Its also where we cosplayers can get to know more and new cosplayers and being friends. The circle of friendship here is ever so expanding. That’s one of the reason why I hate to miss! =P


Date: 24th August 2014

The event returns once again packed with more suspend and excitement for a day to keep you entertain. You will see a variety of heroes and villains from both East and West come on stage and showcase their works of talent in cosplaying. This is also where all cosplayers join hands to pack in all the love and fun to keep up with the thrills and what’s ahead.

Also, me and three of my Toku buddies had taken part for the event’s Cosplay Talent Showcase. The competitors registered for this showcase will created a skit, a drama, a story, be it funny or serious. Anything from all of the above just to impress the judges and audiences.

Our team did not win. But we are not disappointed. We had did our best to put up our show on stage and we are happy for it. Best of all, we had receive positive comments from the judges, as well as from the audience. They loved our act. We are really thankful for that! Most importantly, is to enjoy and have fun! =D

Date: 30th – 31st August 2014

Members from Pause For A Cause once again enlighten the people on how we, as cosplayers can make a difference in society through cosplaying. Same like how we did for the Philippines Haiyan Relief Charity last year November, the Gaza Aid is without a doubt.

We all are aware of what’s been happening in Palestine during back then, and Singapore is one of the few countries to have come forward in providing aid and humanity support.

So working alongside with the people from Humanitarian aid group Mercy Relief, we will do our part to attract the public. To encourage them to donate any amount as we are doing this for a good cause. At the same time while having fun. Cosplaying into something meaningful and I never regret doing it! =)


Date: 6th – 7th September 2014

The hottest and most anticipated annual cosplay event is back to bring you what’s hot and what’s sizzling within the event hall and on stage. Me and my Rangers and Riders were all gear up for that day to hit the road and join in the action pack!

Each year the event will showcase you on the latest excitement, hottest performances, special guests appearances from both East and West. Keeping you and the fans of STGCC to the very edge and to come back for more! =D


Date: 1st November 2014

8 superheroes and one magical girl from the fun-loving Pause For A Cause community gathered for another round to spread the smile and love for the children with special needs. Its also part of a special Halloween party.

Organised by Game on! we worked alongside with a group of beneficiaries, where they are from the NUH peer support group for adolescents with childhood chronic conditions. There’s also the Starlight Club, which serves families that had children with learning needs. 

There will be carnival theme that comes with balloons and face-painting. Best highlights for the day will be a DIY costume contest. The kids have to use all their talent and creativity they had to impress the judges. And the judges themselves were us! Four were selected as surprise judges. Cosplayers like us sure knows what best! =)


Date: 5th – 7th December 2014

The region’s biggest festival for Japanese top popular cultural is here once again! For a splendid treat of good music, cosplaying, live entertainment, shopping, games, fashion, anime-related content and much more. Fans can look forward to a combination of familiar favourites and the tremendous amount of quality content. Each year attracts thousands and thousands of visitors, and the numbers will just increase.

This year’s AFA will also be a huge impact for our local Toku group. We will gathered to form our very own Super Hero Taisen photoshoot. This was been carefully planned for quite some time. With proper coordination and teamwork, the turn out was a huge success! Everybody was happy and having fun during the photoshoot.


Date: 20th – 21st December 2014

Christmas is around the corner. So what better way for us cosplayers to spend the time off with friends and families to come celebrate before the year ends. You will see some of the cosplayers will don Santa’s hat or even Santa’s coat over theirs, as to share the joy and happiness for the festive season. It was been created like a special gift for cosplayers and fans of Cosfest here in Singapore. The feeling on that day was just too amazing! =D



That’s all for the amazing times I had spend for 2014. Its an awesome and a wonderful experience at the same time. And by next year, hope to see some flying cars, hoverboards, holographic projectors, those so-called Hydrators, Code-bar license plate….

….Ok, I’ve been watching too much Back to the Future Part II…=P However if you have notice, some of the awesome stuff seen in the movie do actually come true.

Anyway, I hope for the best in 2015. Life goes on from there and we can either expect or face the unexpected for the things to come. 



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