Cosfest Christmas 2014!

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                              Stardate: 77013.2 (Dec 22nd, 2014)

When a friend of mine ask the rest of us who’s going for this Cosfest Christmas, I jumped upon the chance to discover more about it. Then I suddenly recall that there’s one held last year at Bugis. Infact, last year’s was its first to be set up by the Singapore Cosplay Club, which also set up the annual Cosfest which takes place at Downtown East, Pasir Ris.

The event was held from 20th – 21st Dec. I can only make it on the last day as the 1st day I have to work. Usually one day is enough for me to spend my cosplay hours, even though I always intent to come on both days.

Cosfest Christmas, as the name stated, was created like a special gift for all cosplayers and Cosfest fans here in Singapore. Held few days before Christmas, its a chance for the cosplayers, friends and families to come together to celebrate before the year ends. Regardless! You will see some of the cosplayers will don Santa’s hat or even Santa’s coat over theirs, as to share the joy and happiness for the upcoming festive season! =D

I notice, unlike the annual Cosfest, the Christmas version doesn’t seem to held much crowd. Majority of us were crowded in that D’Marquee tent, where there will be some performances on stage and booths lining up on both sides of the floor.

But nevertheless we all had so much fun and craziness till the sun set! Make new friends at the same time. Seriously, yesterday was too much craziness! =D

Here’s some of the crazy photos taken. Credits to the photographers! =D

cosfest christmascosfest christmas 2

Indeed! Its the crazy and craziness!! Now let’s all look forward for the new year 2015! Happy New Year to all!!



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