Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention 2014!

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                           Stardate: 78810.9 (Sept 7, 2014)

1st, was participating for the ICDS cosplay talent which falls on Aug 24th, Sunday. Another weekend later, I took part for this Gaza Aid with cosplayers from Pause For A Cause community. Then, another weekend later, me rolling in for one of the most anticipate pop culture and exciting event ever. 

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) bring you from both worlds of toys, games, comics, anime, manga and all sorts and range of collectibles. Each year represent the fanboys and fangirls with what’s new and what’s in store along those booths, and what juices up within the pop culture universe. Get ready to fill your time up with the awesome weekend packed with autograph sessions, stage performances, and exciting exhibitors. Live Sketching, Screenings and Sneak Peeks, Walk of Fame, Artist Alley, just to name a few as what you can expect at STGCC!

The 3 weekends I took part was like as if its part of everyday work. Like as though its all connected like a back-to-back event. 3 straight weekends, and I’m still pumped as ever! Hahaha!

STGCC was held from 6th – 7th August at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center. I can only attend on the 1st day as the last day I had to get back to work. One day is enough for me to fulfill my time as much as I can. Yes, as always, I be morphing up as the morphenomenal Red Ranger. Seriously, I can never get bored donning as my favourite childhood character! =D

Before this, we had to went through a lot of trouble in finding a damn parking lot. The open carpark which is near to MBS was full. So we got no choice but to park at the MBS parking basement itself, even if it had to cost me. When comes to MBS, parking rates can be expensive. But oh well, this is once in a lifetime. There’s a free parking lot at Marina Barrage. But it was a 15 – 20 min walk from there to MBS. No way we gonna walk that far!

Anyway, these are some of the awesome photos taken by a friend. Thanks! =D



The day is well spend. Having a great time with my Toku buddies as well as other cosplayers. At the some time, getting to know more of them, both newcomers and veterans. Those who are coming today, the 7th, do enjoy the time ok. Have fun till the end of the day.

And be advice, do take care of your belongings. Some cosplayers have lost their stuff in the past and recently. Be careful where and how you placed them. 

Till then! Power up! =D


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