Pause For A Cause: Gaza Aid – Flag Day With Mercy Relief!

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                  Stardate: 77142.9 (Sept 1st, 2014)

Like as though its a back-to-back event, its only a week after where me and few of my Toku buddies were participating for a cosplay talent competition for ICDS (International Cosplay Day Singapore). Then like a blink of an eye, I’m back together with some of the cosplayers from our fun-loving volunteer community known as Pause For A Cause (PFAC) for another charity event.

This time is regards on the Gaza Aid, that has been happening in Palestine. I don’t need to tell much since the whole world was aware about this crisis. Most important is how we can help to contribute in the donation. Much like we did for the Philippines Haiyan Relief on last year’s November, its up to us cosplayers, working alongside with the people from Humanitarian aid group Mercy Relief to do what we can. 

Our part is simple. Be there as to attract the members of public, as we are also doing this for a good cause. Each photo taken from us, they can contribute to any amount.

People will see that this is unlike any ordinary flag day, cause you’ll get to see your favourite superheroes and anime characters helping out in this street collection along Orchard Road. Spreading the joy and happiness while providing the support needed. For humanity! 

The event was held on the weekends, 30th – 31st August. But for me, I can only turned up on the 31st cause yesterday was my off  day. One day is considered enough for me to spend the time doing something extraordinary while in costume =)

These were taken on the 1st day.

mercy relief 1

These were taken on the 2nd day. Credits goes to our good friend Firdaus for being our photographer for that day. Thanks bro! =)

relief 2


Shagged and tired we are indeed. But nevertheless, we all had a good time together posing with the crowd. With that generosity amount of contribution made along the way. At the end of the day it was worth it! Cosplayers joining us can make a difference by bringing out to society, that we can make this happen. Its not just about cosplaying. Its about providing the aid, support and happiness for those who are in need. Bridging the gaps and to expand the hope needed. This way we can make a difference, cause we care =)


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