International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014!

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                             Stardate: 788813.2 (Aug 26th, 2014)

International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) returns once again packed with more suspend and excitement for a day to keep you entertain. You will see a variety of heroes and villains from both East and West come on stage and showcase their works  of talent in cosplaying. This is also where all cosplayers join hands to pack in all the love and fun to keep up with the thrills and what’s ahead. 

Taking place at Scape, ICDS had transformed three levels of this recreational place into an ultimate playground of pop-culture. The levels were been invaded by colourful cosplayers don into all sorts of characters. So unlikely you won’t miss a thing if you are looking for a favourite character of yours. Especially when you are into anime =D

Last year 2013, the event was packed by over thousands of visitors driven by the various amount of cosplay and pop-culture content from both worlds. Ultimately, it leads to its success as one of the most fan-driven cosplay and pop-culture convention never to be miss. Entering its third year, ICDS 2014 will once again presents to you the acclaimed guests-of-honor, the wide variety content of pop-culture. And not forgetting, the popular Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess which will leave you rooted to the floor. There will also be other exciting performance on stage. Like Cosplay Runway, Cosplay Talent Showcase, Stage Games, just to name a few best highlights.

Also, me and three of my Toku buddies had taken part in the Cosplay Talent Showcase. Me as Red Ranger and the other three as Kamen Riders. Ichigo, Decade and Kuuga. The competitors registered for this showcase will created a skit, a drama, a story, be it funny or serious. Anything from all of the above just to impress the judges and audiences.

Since my team were consists of a Power Ranger and Kamen Riders, we will be known as Super Hero Taisen. Basically a  crossover between Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Kamen Riders series as based on Toei’s 2012 film, Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

You may expect ours to be more of the action-packed theme with a lot of stuns and fights, since this is about Power Rangers and Kamen Riders. But however, it wasn’t. We had decided to pull it like a sitcom theme instead.

Now, you may be wondering why we plot this as a comedy theme instead of an action-packed. Since the organiser allows any  type of theme, why not make it something hilarious out of it? Besides, if you watched Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, especially Super Sentai, you will notice many of the series does comes with a high sense of humour. So ours will be more of insulting one another as who are the best heroes above all. But of course, it does comes with some few punches and kicks along the way, as to give it a sense of thrill other than laughter. Something new for the audiences.

Ours is Team 10. The last team to compete. I had assume they put us as the last team since many wouldn’t be expecting to see their favourite toku heroes to be up on stage. And also probably the audience will scream once we appeared. Which they did =D

It was a thrilling sensation when you are on stage when participating into such event. That adrenaline rush, the anxious moment while waiting for your turn to emerge from behind those curtains.

All the competitors did an outstanding act. Though how much we had hoped for, our Super Hero Taisen did not make it. But we are not disappointed. We had did our best to put up our show on stage and we are happy for it. Best of all, we had receive positive comments from the judges, as well as from the audience. They loved our act. We are really thankful for that! This is also a stepping stone for us to improve more for future competitions.

And not forgetting a big thank you to our good friend Jia Sheng for coordinating with the voice direction. You deserve the most credits bro! =D

Here’s our team performing on stage! Have a good laugh. Enjoy! =D


These are the best photos taken from friends. So much awesomeness! =D

toku friends


Nevertheless, good job guys. Apart from some minor mistakes, we still give our best shot! And of course, I would like to congrats the winning team! You guys are truly awesome! We all did great and had lots of fun at the same time.

Till next time guys, we gonna do better! =D



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