Superheroes Mac Drive Thru

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                              Stardate: 70011.3 (July 11th, 2014)

Yo fellow friends and bloggers. Previously I wrote about where me and 2 of my Toku buddies were in the midst of making our own toku videos for the fun of it. Well, this is it! Our first video was been film, edited and already been uploaded in our Youtube account.

Wanna know what its all about? I’m pretty sure. Haha! Ok here’s the summary:

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger came home and shocked to see two of his buddies lazing in his room. Red Hawk from Jetman and Kamen Rider Kuuga. Basically its the superhero day off and both just wanted to chill and relax. However, that wasn’t what the Red Ranger had in mind. To him, they should get out for some fresh air instead of rotting in his room. So he force his 2 buddies to tag along with him to get some Macdonald’s.

Riding in Red Ranger’s car, they went to Pasir Ris Macdonald and get themselves a Happy Meal (That wasn’t my idea). They got their meal and call it a day.

While at the parking lot, both Red Ranger and Red Hawk were fighting over the same toy. Red Ranger managed to get the toy he wanted. Red Hawk wasn’t happy with the other toy and throw it at the back seat, where Kuuga was seated. The Kamen Rider wouldn’t mind with the toy and was feel happy with it. Red Hawk was left fuming at the corner while both his 2 pals enjoy playing with their toys.

Now, wanna see the video? Here it is! Enjoy! =D


With our 1st video turns out successfully and already had tons of likes and views, we can proceed in making more videos. The drive thru is one of the well-known video done by many Power Rangers cosplayers. They really inspires us a lot! So why not we do it for our own? This was been plan for months and finally its been pay off. It can help to brighten the person’s day, knowing that there will be those cosplayers who are willing to take this effort to give them the extra smile to brighten’s their day work.

Even in the midst of our acting, police on patrol saw us and smile, with one of them say that we are awesome and to keep it up. Thank you officer! As long its for good =)

To catch more of our upcoming videos, just click on the subscribe button. Its still new, but we already got some subscribers. Let’s keep up the good work guys, so that they will be entertain! =)


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