Cosfest 2014 – The Final Fantasy

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                          Stardate: 79934.1 (July 7th, 2014)

Cosfest is here again! The most fun-loving and favourite cosplay event held every year. This year will be Cosfest XIII: Final Fantasy. Same location which takes place at the heart of Downtown East, Pasir Ris on the weekends 5th – 6th July. Was told that next year won’t be taken place in the same location again. Perhaps due to Downtown East as the place will be undergoing a huge renovation. Heard from majority that it may take place at Resort World Sentosa next year. Distance to me is not issue. Its not my 1st time going to Singapore’s small island of playground for cosplay. Well, we’ll see for next year =)

The event also happened to clash with the Muslim fasting month. Some of the Muslim cosplayers will be reluctant to cosplay within the Ramadan period. I can understand that. But for me, I still go for it. I had cosplay few times on Ramadan period. Just that I won’t be too active. This is too prevent myself for getting too tired, thirsty or hungry easily. So I had no issue with that. Besides, I hate to miss this favourite cosplay event when I had the chance not to. So far I have not missed any of them ever since I started participating in 2009. And I will maintain it that way whenever possible.

First day of the event, I will storm through in my Tyranno Zord. Second and last day, I will morph as the Red Ranger.

Yes, if you can remember correctly, I had complete creating this hulking 2 meters tall Tyranno Zord just for cosplay. Its entirely made using foam, cardboard and other recycling materials. Depicted as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, it was seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and were piloted by the Red Ranger. Since then I had already planned out to take zord for Cosfest. But before doing so, I had to book a chalet. You cannot expect me to just simply bring it out from the house like how I bring out my Red Ranger suit. Unless if I had a proper transport like a van, and a workshop where I can simply had more zords and other huge mechs been display and standby.

And for booking wise, I had to do it fast. Cause doing this period where the event is getting near, there will be lots of cosplayers booking the place for sure. At least 2 months in advance. This event is the best time for my Tyranno Zord.

Thankfully I managed to get a chalet. Also, its easier for my Toku gang to change and dump their bags. 

But sadly, my Tyranno Zord doesn’t last long. Just a few meters away towards the event ground, I tripped over a bump on the ground. I fall badly, causing the left leg to be torn apart. Part 0f the torso was damage, as well as both arms. Because of that I had to abort wearing it and ended up donning my Red Ranger suit instead. The left leg was completely destroyed.

It’s a major disappointment. I was so looking forward to roam the field in my Zord. After all that 6 months of hard work and patience, and promising my friends that I be cosplaying as the Tyranno Zord, this shit happens! Just so upsetting. No point getting it fix just by using a duct tape cause its not going anywhere. Due to its bad condition, it will most likely cause further damage if I were to continue walking it in. Even with all the duct tape trying to secure it. I do had some few of my pals who were escorting me while in my Zord. I cannot blame them as they did not see that stupid bump on the ground. From our point of view it appears like a flat land. Damn! So upsetting and wasted….

Oh well, it’s my hard work and probably can don it next year or some other event it I can get it fix. Or rebuilt some parts of it….=(

For 2nd day, I’ll be as the usual with the dragon shield. It was drizzling for a moment, before the weather turns hot and humid again. But that didn’t stop us cosplayers to keep on going with the fun, thrill and excitement while under the sun! =)

Best photos taken on both days. Some were taken by friends and some from my own camera. Many credits to them! =)


day 1



day 2

At the end of the day, I realised that the second day was more fun than first day. There’s more people and more cosplayers. Most of them are new to it. Maybe because Sunday most are not working and also its a family day. And yeah, I really had a lot of fun myself! =)

For my badly shattered Tyranno Zord, I still very sadden by it that I’m unable to walk in it on the field. I was so close to achieve that! But I promise myself that I will get it fixed. Either renew or rebuilt some parts of it whenever I had the time. And prepared to bring it out again.


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