Ready For Action!

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 71198.4 (July 29th, 2014)

Me and 2 of my Toku buddies will be doing some videos of our own and even had set up a Youtube account. Basically were just montages and video shoots. This is something that I been wanting to do ever since. And what most of you guys loves to do as a hobby.

I mean, you can’t deny the fact when it comes in making fun and cool videos. Especially when you are into photography and filming. Just imagine all the scenarios and great ideas that you had in mind. And ready to put them all in the scene. You are the director. This is your stage. Your studio. Also, its never too late to start one when you got the time to do. And Youtube is still highly recommended to upload all your videos in it.

For my part, its all started when I watched countless Youtube videos of some of the Power Rangers cosplayers in the United States doing their own fun videos. Many of them really make a big hit!

That’s where it hit me too. Since many of us had our own costumes, why not we do it as well? I know some of them want to enjoy doing something like this. Not only just montages. Can be like a parody act too. If better still, can even make a short film. Who knows?

All of our Rangers and Riders buddies were invited into it. The more the merrier. And the merrier it is, the more action we can add in. All for the love of fun and entertainment. Friends and other cosplayers gonna love it!

Now, let’s get those cameras rolling! =)


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