The Fun Of Building Props

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                              Stardate: 79112.5 (Jun 19th, 2014)

Something worth sharing. And the fact that I’ve been inquire by most people.

Ever since a friend of mine given me his DIY Red Ranger’s Power Sword (I wasn’t the first Red Ranger here. He had retired from it and had move on to cosplay other well-known characters), I had been custom-made quite a number of weapons or props at my own leisure. I even done four props that were used by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to add up with the sword. I’m pretty sure you know what they were. 

Then came the day when one of my Ranger buddies who cosplay as the Red Samurai Ranger asked me whether it is possible to built him the Spin Sword. They are the Rangers’ sidearms that function with a Power Discs seen in the show. That’s where it hit me, that I can help my Ranger buddies to commission a weapon that were specifically meant for them.

This is a good chance for me. Cause I can make money out of it since they agreed to pay me if I can make them one. Also, I had found out that I have been improving ever since I first started. So why not take this opportunity and earn some cash along the way? Of course I won’t be that greedy and charge them that high! At most the easiest I can built were the swords. So for that I charge only $15. But still, depends on the size. If its big, I will charge a little more. 

Reason being, all my props were made using foam, wood, cardboard, paper. Just simple materials. So it will be wrong for me to charge such a high amount for such simple materials that even kids are using. This is also where people had asked me, in regards to accuracy and details.

Time and again, I had emphasis that all my props were not professionally built. Even if I try to did my best, they won’t be that 100% accurate like in the actual series. 

I don’t owned any workshop as all of these were done in my own bedroom. I don’t have a handful of crew, as all of these were made by me, alone. I don’t have the proper tools or equipments as all of these were done using simple stationary art and craft tools. All these were basically props used for cosplay purposes.

Nevertheless, I’m always satisfied by my own work. May not be like the actual thing. But close enough to tell from it. So does my Rangers whom I built for them. They were happy with it and wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t screen accurate. At least they know that I had improve and know where to start from. Thanks guys! =)

Now I’m open for any commission of Power Rangers weapons from all series. And I say again, Power Rangers ONLY. And the more I built, the more I enjoyed it. And really helps to pass the time. To add on, I will usually tune in to any Power Rangers soundtracks while at it. I found out that it actually keeps me motivated =P


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