Within Punggol Promenade…..

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 70012.5 (May 27th, 2014)

When I visited Punggol Point for some historical purposes 4 years ago, most of the area were covered with vegetation. Besides that, there’s a heavy development taking place as the park is undergoing a huge makeover.

Now 4 years later, Punggol Point was transformed into an idyllic waterfront destination with beautiful lily ponds, a sand-filled playground and an event plaza. Even the place was renamed as Punggol Point Park. Embrace with the atmosphere here and where you can take in shots of panoramic views of Pulau Ubin. Awesome renovations!! 

When me and my small team of SPI came visit the place just recently, we were surprised by the huge environmental changes. Part of the beach now comes with a pathway. With the newly Punggol Promenade as part of the attraction, the place is more spacious. It allows you to enjoy the greenery and flourishing scenery as you walked along its Nature Walk and Riverside Walk. Its more welcoming with a lot of spaces to enjoy your time off. And good news for those who love fishing, as the walk comes with a number of fishing platforms and shelters.

I remember back then, where all of this were just thick bushes and trees. Not to mention, the loads of construction going on for Punggol Promenade. I had to bash through those clumps of bushes in order to step into the beach. Its along that coast of line where many Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese when they invaded Singapore in 1942. I was there at the beach to study the place as well as its natural surroundings.

Photo credits to Kenjee! =)


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Its a far cry away back then, compare to now. Even brighter and cleaner. Feels like you just wanted to be here forever. There’s still the stretch of forested area that leads till the end of Punggol. Most likely all this jungle will soon be cleared away to make space for more housing development in the future. Population is rising rapidly here, even for such a small country.

The purpose of us going there is not mainly about the park. Ever heard of this old Punggol Zoo? In short, its first of its kind held in Singapore in 1928, and owned by wealthy Indian trader William Lawrence Soma Basapa. Entrance fee was 40 cents, and comes with an extensive array of over 200 animals and 2000 birds.

However, when the Japanese forces came to invade the land, they quickly put an end to the zoo. They took over the zoo and gave Basapa 24 hours to rehome all the animals. Those that weren’t were eventually shot. A devastated Basapa passed away in 1943.

A member of ours had done some extensive research. He found the spot where the supposed site of Punggol Zoo was previously located. And its not far from Punggol Point. In a matter of speaking, it is perhaps plausible as it somehow occupies a large portion of Punggol Promenade. Besides this, our aim is also to locate this old rusted bridge that my friend had stumbled across while researching. It was believe that the bridge got some connections with the zoo. Really interesting.

After quite some time studying around the forested area of the supposed side of Punggol Zoo, we finally locate the old bridge. Our aim is accomplished in a nick of time! =)

Photo credits to Kenjee! =)

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Another point will be along this very part Nature Walk of Punggol Promenade. Some time back, few of our guys when there after been told by a friend that he had felt some unusual disturbance while fishing with his buddies late at night. And the team brought back some interesting results.

This is where our paranormal instinct kicks in. Another reason why we are at Punggol, since one of our member is one of them who had investigate the place on that night. There’s been hearsay that Punggol beach is haunted. Its that part of the beach where the Chinese civilians were killed during the Japanese occupation. People claim to have heard screams of agony and cries of help. They believe that those cries comes from those civilians. Some even had seen their apparitions floating around that particular spot. Restless souls to say the least…

That is, only the beach. But however there’s no such haunting stories or reports to indicate that the Nature Walk is haunted. According to one of them who were part of the team on that night, readings on their EMFs and other scanning devices does appeared rather promising. They even sense strong disturbances within that very pathway. Too strong that it really freak the hell out on one of them. Another even thought he had seen someone standing on a platform not far from where they were. And when they approached the platform, there’s no one there.

So if there’s no record to indicate signs of paranormal activities, what had the team discovered then? Because of this, we shall propose to have the second investigation there in soon to come. With my friend who have been there on the 1st round, we have no issues in marking the areas. Hopefully we too can get some interesting findings. If so, then we can stated that this area does have some indication of unusual activities.

Even say so, its up to every individual to decide whether to believe it or not. I can’t say much for this part, since I myself too was left to decide once we conclude with the investigation.

Aside from all this, you should come visit Punggol Promenade. Its one of the best places to get away from all the headache and to be stress free! Relax while enjoying its beautiful natural environment =)


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