The King Of Kaijus!

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                         Stardate: 70112.6 (May 20th, 2014)

Remember the epic movie, Pacific Rim? Giant monsters or refer as “Kaijus” appearing from beneath the Pacific Ocean and out to unleash hell on Earth. And the humans have to create this own kaijus. Technically speaking, constructing giant robots or better known as mechs just to kick these monsters ass! Yes, I’m pretty sure you do.

Kaiju is a Japanese word which iterally translates as giant monster. Japan will always be No.1 when comes to giant monsters, usually showcase various monsters attacking a major Japanese city or engaging another Kaiju or more. But among all the Kajius, there is one that is ever so unpredictable, and even made famous. So famous that it was referred by many as the King of Kaijus, and had gone on to become a worldwide pop culture icon. Not just in Japan. In the United States, this creature has become a star that its name were even embedded in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And yes, you guess it correctly.



A creature so terrifying, and had rise into fame to be one of the most recognizable symbols of Japanese popular culture worldwide. Sixteen years after the 1st Godzilla had unleash hell in the United States, this newest one emerges as the successor. What I mean to say was, sixteen years after the 1st one was been fully filmed in an American studio.

This time, it held much resemblances as its original counterpart made in Japan. Except that this one seem to put on weight. Looks kinda fat, and it look like as if it had no neck. I read this from a website where some people had judged how this new Godzilla had turned out to be. But its true. Go ahead and watch the movie if you don’t believe me =P

But even said so, don’t underestimate that humongous belly appearance. This fatso kaiju does packs a punch 3 times harder than its 1998 successor. The 1st one however, looks almost like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which I was most impressed with.

It start off from this secret facility located near Tokyo, Japan, where it contain a massive chrysalis. Apparently, the whole experiment gone horribly wrong when the power supply suddenly shut down. The chrysalis started showing signs of rapid glowing within that massive shell of. And within the process of terminating it, the chrysalis hatches. A colossal winged monster was born. It destroyed the facility and files off. Ready to caused more mayhem to civilisation.

Studies reveal that this thing feeds on radiation. Nuclear effects, anything radioactive that allows it to consume and produce. Much like Godzilla itself. And speaking of which, this animal was been hunted down by a much larger animal which was been awaken during a deep sea expedition in 1954. Yes, that will be Godzilla himself. Much like a saviour. Or it is?

Went to watch with 3 of my friends yesterday the 19th. Somehow it doesn’t turn out the way I had expected it would be. Somehow he has good intentions though. Of cause I won’t say it much here. I’ll be guilty as a spoiler! Hahaha!

But anyway, the show still not so bad. Better looking and original Godzilla. Very much like its Japanese counterpart. Like good old times… =)

I’m not really much of a fan of Kaijus. But Godzilla is definitely must see! The name so terrifying, so nightmaring, so badass! It may be a terror. But at some point, this creature was seen to act like as hero as well. Godzilla is not the only monster that terrorise the city. Back then where in the various films it had appeared, some stories had portray Godzilla as a saviour when it came storming in and eliminate the other Kaijus. This beast is one of a typically kind who doesn’t get along well with other monsters. Even so defeating its enemies, its intention is still unleash hell on Earth. So nevertheless, Godzilla still posed a danger to humanity.

So if you are a big fan of Godzilla, or just ever so obsessed about Kaijus, this reboot version is recommended for you. Sure he’s fat. But as said, he does unleash hell like never before. One of a kind Kaiju that was never easily defeated. 


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