Cosplayers Making A Difference For A Good Cause

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                        Stardate: 77913.2 (Apr 28th, 2014)

Quoted from two friends from Facebook:

“I don costumes for moments like this. Not cos of being “childish”, “no life”. When was the last time u made someone’s day?”


“You look at the kid, who is supposed to be at his lowest when receiving chemo or other intrusive treatment, smile at you when he sees his favourite superhero right in front of him.

That’s a feeling no amt of money can buy; for both the kid and the cosplayer.”



Something that we had find more meaningful besides being our hobby. You make his or her day. In return, he or she will make your day. We don’t go for money. We don’t go for fame. We, volunteers had devoted our lives to use our cosplay to bring what’s good into society. No obligation. Its all depends how you willing to commit, to use your cosplay appeal to bring smile for the charity, the needs and the less fortunate. Also, to raise awareness that there are people who care and are willing to make someone’s day brighter.

Just like recently, where eleven of us cosplayers from our Pause for a Cause community attended to a birthday bash of a 4-year old kid who was diagnosed with leukaemia. He had made our day as much as we had made his. He’s a true hero that touches our heart that its beyond words. Nothing can describe the strong will of the child. Though he was at this stage fighting his own battle, he still stand strong and smile brightly at you upon seeing his favourite superhero. It was priceless! 

Then, that feeling of emotion just sweeps into you just as he did that. You can feel tears forming in your eyes. Sometimes you can’t help it when it gets too emotional. The feeling is just indescribable.

So now within our community, we had devoted to bring out our hobby of cosplaying to society for a good cause. Its not just about attending to cosplay events and such. But to commit that extra mile, as volunteers to seek out to raise the awareness. To show that there are people like us who still care, and willing to make a different in performing the extraordinary. From charity events, orphanage homes, a child’s birthday party or for the less fortunate. Reaching out them to give them the encouragement, the support, love and hope.

I personally am glad and honour to be part of this family. Also, this is something I wanted to contribute ever since I cosplay as a Power Ranger. Yes, I can’t denied the fact that Power Rangers were one of the famous superheroes around. But to me, for this extra mile, I had to push aside the fame and thoughts of money. Cause as been describe by one of us, that’s a feeling where no amount of money can buy. Happiness is free. You jus have to be there to make someone’s day by volunteering. At the same time, having fun while providing that extra smile to those who are in need. As said, no obligation.

Honestly speaking, I really learn a lot from this group, and from the events that we had volunteer. That no matter what, those in need are not alone. There’s always someone who one day will be there for them.

And from this family of ours, we benefit by learning and sharing that everyone who wanted to do their part in volunteering is always welcome. Cause we need cosplayers, who are willing to make a difference to provide that extra mile and extra smile! =)


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