Walking With My Tyranno Zord!

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                            Stardate: 78120.5 (Apr 12th, 2014)

Finally! After nearly 6 months of hard work, I finally complete my Tyranno Zord cosplay. It had taken me that long and a lot of patience just to get it done. All by myself. Before I come into the exciting part, let me elaborate from the beginning.

Tyranno Zord or Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Zord was a dinosaur mecha seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As the name stated, the mecha was designed to look like the Tyrannosaurus, and was pilot by the Red Ranger. It was one of the 5 zords that combines to form Megazord. The other four were Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops and Saber-tooth Tiger.


I had taken up a lot of time constructing it. You can say, its a slow progression. Reason being, I was so occupied with my work and other stuff that it had to be delay. Another reason why it had taken me 6 months to get it done. Also, I need enough cash just to get most of the materials needed. Its complicated for someone like me who doesn’t owned a workshop, have the proper equipments and tools. Have a crew, who could complete it in a week or a few. All I used were just foamboards, cardboards and few other simple materials to create this T-rex that stands ab0ut 1.9 meters in height. The only crew is myself, and having it done in my own bedroom.

The main part of the zord were divided into 3 separation parts. The head, torso and waist. Before I construct it, I had done a lot of extensive research about it. Other than studying the actual zord from the series, I also look at some of the Tyranno Zord cosplay from other countries seen in Youtube. I was so intrigued and impressed by it, and this really urge me to make my own.

I started off slowly. Weeks and months passes, and I’m beginning to see the progress. Most of the time, I had trouble in deciding how this part should be like, and whether should I use velcro or snaps to get them attached to another part. This is my 1st time building such a mascot. But I told myself, I’m learning along the way. All this I had seen how other cosplayers and prop makers did theirs. So I can improve more if I’m gonna construct another one in the future.

All that hard work, patience and sweat finally pays off! With the help of my 2 siblings and a cousin of mine, I tested it, and completely satisfied with the result. The only problem is that I can’t bend my knees like the actual one shown in the series. The king of dinosaur legs are bended. I can only bend halfway. Any further I might ended up damaging my zord. So I leave it that way. 

Here’s my complete Tyranno Zord! =)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with my work. And because it was been constructed by me alone, I am overall happy that I had actually complete it with my own bare hands. My friends, especially my Kamen Riders and Rangers buddies were amazed by it. And of course, since I’m the one building it, I’m also allowing any one of my Rangers to try walking in it. As long they are tall enough like me and slim-built, they can become the Tyranno Zord.

Just like other Tyanno Zord cosplay, it may not turned out like the actual one. Seems rather impossible unless you have the right tools and materials to make it accurate. But its close enough to make the creator feel happy and satisfied. Its an achievement for me as this is my 1st mascot to ever being constructed by me alone. The money spend on the materials is worth it. With this been successful, I can improve more in the future should I wanted to built more zords.

Now that its done, I can’t wait to unleash it into the open for a cosplay event! Also, looks like the Red Ranger got a pet dino to tame; should anyone of his pals were to wear it =D


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