Calling Dragonzord Power!

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                       Stardate: 79914.3 (Apr 3rd, 2014)

I’ve been chasing after this Legacy Dragon Dagger ever since it made appearance at few of the conventions in the U.S. Yes, its that awesome weapon which also acts as a flute that were owned by the Green Ranger to summon his mighty Dragonzord.

Thanks to a friend of mine who happened to order at least 4 of them, I can finally owned one! This ain’t like the original toy version of the dagger, cause this time it came as the actual length seen in the shows. Its diecast and comes with a 24K gold plated smooth look. So you can say it does comes with a weight.

It also features sounds from the original series when you press any of the 3 buttons. This includes the soundtrack itself! How incredible! The rhythm was so exciting that I can’t help playing with the tunes the whole day! Hahaha!


The actual price, as according to my friend who order it was $160 including shipping. Since he know me well and has been a good friend to him ever since, he decided to offer me at only $140. Its worth a deal! =D

The dagger won’t be selling locally at the present moment. But the Legacy Megazord and Power Morpher were currently on sale. Power Rangers fans here, especially those who are still a big fan towards the Mighty Morphin, you might wanna get your hands on the current ones. Cause it will be a long wait for the dagger to come flying here. Unless you want to purchase it through eBay, as the fastest way to get it. Besides, there are also other more legacy versions on the way 😉

So why wait when you know someone who can get it for you as long you got enough cash. Its well spend! Before this, I have to borrow from a friend who owned 2 replicas of the original dagger. Now since I owned one, I don’t have to borrow anymore. This is not just a Dragon Dagger. But a legacy version that really sparkled your eyes! I can finally used it for my cosplay.

Now that I’m happy, I can finally summon Dragon anytime, anywhere!! =D


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