Happy 30th Me!

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                            Stardate: 73418.2 (Mar 25th, 2014)

The years of being in my 20s had ended yesterday the 24th, where I had finally turned 30 years old. The time flies so fast that I’m beginning to miss those years. Feeling so old now. Well, not really. Hahaha! Not offense intended. Just kidding about that. Ya, I know. I might probably say the same thing once I reach 40. Even said so, there’s still more to accomplish ahead of me. At the same time, hoping for a brighter future ahead.

Aside from that, my birthday yesterday was a blast! Ever since I turned 27, I had been inviting friends over to celebrate with me. But for this year, I had decided to invite all my Red Rangers buddies. I had proposed it as a “Forever Red” theme birthday bash.

Like always, it wasn’t much of a party. Just a simple gathering with a table filled with mouth-watering food that my mum had cooked (Thanks mum!). And with the birthday cake of course. It may be small. But the comfort of having my friends coming over to celebrate with me is enough for me to feel contented. We will enjoy the celebration as much as we can with equanimity and joy while the night is still young =)

One of them even brought along a Monopoly boardgame as promise. But this is no ordinary Monopoly. Its an awesome Power Rangers version which actually commemorates as part of the Power Rangers franchise 20th anniversary. And best of all, the cover of the boardgame features all the Red Rangers from the beginning till the latest. Perfect for us Red Rangers to roll in the dice! =D

photo 2-4

It has been an whole night of fun and laughter. The gifts are awesome! But its just not only about the gifts. Its the friendship that you had with the friends that you had invite over. The people that you had bonded with. To me, they are the best gifts! Not to mention, a family of Red Rangers like myself =D

And just because I proposed this Forever Red theme doesn’t mean I won’t invite the rest of my friends. There will always be next year and so forth. We only get to celebrate our birthday once. So I will try my best to invite more if possible. I might even hold a chalet for my future birthday so that more people can come. Who knows? =)

And lastly, I would like to thank those who had flooded my Facebook wall for all your birthday wishes and greetings. Every each one of them really means a lot to me and I appreciate them all deep down in my heart. Thank you friends, brothers and sisters! =) 

And before we call it a night, there’s always an epic group photo to be treasured =)

photo 1-3




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