Congratulations! You Are One Of The Lucky Winners!

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                 Stardate: 79111.3 (Mar 18th, 2014)

I thought I never make it. But however, I won in the end. I had accept the challenge in taken part in this Power Rangers Zord Builder contest. Participants were to use 3 Megazords from 3 different series. Mighty Morphin, Samurai and the latest Megaforce. All we have to do is to used any parts of it and attached with another. Using your creativity and imagination to create your own Megazord from different combinations from each of the zords. Really fun! =) 

Here’s how mine look:


Mine looks kinda simple. But yet packs a punch if you know what I’m saying. Hahaha! Other participants had their own Megazords in a much more meaner, fiercer and bulkier way. One even look like as if its about to go overload! But I still say its does pack some ultimate power. Its your own dream Megazord. You can do whatever you want with it!

In order to win, your Zord must obtain a lot of “likes” in Facebook. The more “likes” you get, the chances you could win. So I send a mass spam to all my friends to “like” the photo of my Zord. Even ask a few to share it around.

Mine eventually stops at 60 “likes.” There’s one with 200 “likes.” The highest so far cause his Megazord looks like as if all 3 combinations were there! The second was 170 “likes.” At that moment of time, I knew that I had lost. That participant with an “outgunned” type of Megazord had conquer the Zord Builder contest. With that ultimate number of “likes” sure gets him a 1st prize.

Couldn’t go anymore further to get more “likes.” Can’t force people anyway. Oh well, its only a contest. There might be more, and be willing to take part if it interest me.

As mentioned earlier, I thought I never win. Until I receive an email by the Bandai South East Asia company which organizer this Zord Builder that I had won 3rd prize! It turns out that my prize is a Gosei Great Megazord…..

…which I actually already have…. 


On crap…I mean, its nothing wrong owing two identical Megazords. Some collectors even owned a crazy numbers of identical ones! Some friends of mine, especially my Rangers even wants me to give it to anyone of them since I already have one when I post a status about this in Facebook. Hahaha! They just teasing, I know.

But after much thinking, I decided to nominate it to my younger brother. He sometimes wants to play with Zords. He really loves them.

So earlier in the afternoon, I went to collect my prize right after work ends. And came a shocking discovery when I got the toy.


So apparently it wasn’t that deluxe Megazord I had in mind, but a mini one. So this is for those who had won 3rd prize. Still, better than nothing. Have to appreciate after going through trying to win my luck! And this mini one is just right for my younger brother. He sure be happy once he got this. 

He’s lucky to have a big brother like me. hehe!


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