Forever Red: In Discussion

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                              Stardate: 70194.8 (Jan 28th, 2014)

What I’m about to blog is not about events or outings like I always blog about. You know me well enough that I hardly blog about my personal stuff. But still, once in a while I feel that its good to share what me and some of my Toku friends that consists of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders had in common. Besides, its a blog. The bloggers can write what he or she wanted to. Like duh! =D

Anyway, its something that we are planning. Cause someday we will achieve our epic dream of forming our very own team of Red Rangers. Yes, if you could remember what I had wrote some time back that this is what I had always wanted. To form a league of Red Rangers where we all be bonded into one name: Forever Red. Its based on that Forever Red episode which was featured in Power Rangers Wild Force. It involves all 10 Red Rangers to unite and to destroy the remnants of a so-called Machine Empire, before they lay their newest destruction on Earth.

Me and my group of Red Rangers were been discussing every once in a while through Facebook message inbox. We may have many ideas and plans for this project. But it won’t turned out good until most of the guys got their suits. Yes, most of them were still pending on the suits. Some few had just send their measurements. Speak from experience, this could be a long wait. For those like me who already owned the suit were to take care of it as usual. To try maintain it in tip-top condition. We don’t want any part of it to get torn or damage when the day comes where we will have our Forever Red photoshoot.

Even though the guys had to wait for a long time, we still hope for the best that we can achieve this Forever Red by this year. It may not be as early, as I doubted. But hopefully we can get it done by mid-year. Depending how fast the suits will arrive. If not, coming near-end, which I hope we didn’t have to drag that long. It will be more worse if this was to postpone to next year. Then you will see me heart breaking!

Please! Hopefully not! Achieving my own team of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been waited long enough till it pays off! I hope this Forever Red project wouldn’t dragged for too long. I understand for those who are waiting for this suits. As I had mentioned earlier, I had speak from experience. But nevertheless, we will hope for the best, and to make this project into reality!


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