A Great Start Of The New Year!

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                              Stardate: 78825.9 (Jan 5th, 2014)

What an awesome start of new year! Yesterday the 4th, me and my gang from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators had fun in our open-to-all BBQ plus chalet gathering which takes place at East Coast Park Goldkist Resort. Yes, we open for all to invite your friends and families to spend time with the investigators. This is also a good opportunity to get to know those who may be interested to join us and be part of the SPI family. Push aside all those investigations that we are planning, as we sat down and share spooky stories, past investigations and spooky walks while munching on those mouth-watering food.

We also participate in some games. And before we end the session, we have a gift exchange which is part of a Christmas season. Considered this as a belated gift, as those who are brought some gifts will be exchange with a warm welcoming hand =)

Really had a lot of fun throughout the night. The group we had wasn’t that much. But nevertheless, we had a lot of endless fun throughout the evening. We are all bonded together like a happy family. There’s also a night walk at midnight. However I couldn’t join them as I had to leave before midnight cause the following day I had to work.

And like every other events or occasions, there’s always a group photo to end it all! =D


And thanks to the organizers for this event. You guys did an awesome job for organizing this for the club. Well done!



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