EOY 2013!

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Captain’s log                                         Stardate: 775113.9 (Dec 16th, 2013)

Like a fairy tale which ends with a happily after ever ending, every cosplay events within that particular year will end with a ending worth satisfying before a new year comes.. And among the cosplay community, there’s one will make sure we have the final month of endless fun and something worth remembering.

Yes, its the End-Of-Year event. Short as EOY. Its like an other cosplay events, but mostly towards Japanese culture. Concentrating on what’s in store ranging from anime, manga, games, pop-culture, fashion, music, etc. All about Japan. Been involved into so many cosplay events that focus into Japanese culture had lead us to see the obvious of what’s been happening. Each year EOY is simply packed to the brim with awesome and new stuff. They will created a summary of what you can’t miss, as well as what you should do to make EOY the greatest event of the year for you!

Like last year, the event will take place once again at Marina Barrage. A highly recommended place for picnics and kite flying nowadays. The large open space is wide enough to run around and had the best spots for photoshoots! =D

And this year’s EOY, I had decided to come out something new for my Red Ranger suit. I will cosplay as the Wild West Red Ranger from the wild west. Pretty cranky eh? Well, better believe it since no one attempted this before.

Those who watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers might recall this. Its one of the episodes seen in season 2. Its call “Wild West Rangers” and its a two-part series. The story begins where the Power Rangers were teleporting back to the Command Center. However the Pink Ranger ended up going through a time hole, taken her back to the year 1880! Clint Eastwood use to play around here when he was much younger! Hahaha!

Things take an interesting turn when she ended up meeting her friends great great great grandparents to say the least. Meanwhile in the future, the Rangers had discover where she is. But they have to stop their enemies from going through that time hole. Like as though that wasn’t worse enough, they ended up been paralyzed before they can prevent those monsters from traveling back in time. Eventually the time hole closes. The Rangers had failed to follow, leaving the Pink Ranger to face the enemies all alone!

That’s what she thought in the first place. As a last resort, she teleports to the Command Center of that era. Zordon gives her the power coins, as to what she will need to face to monsters. Also, that is if her friends’ ancestors willing to help. However, there’s just one problem. They don’t even know how to fight.

This gotten me to become a great great grandpa for the Red Ranger himself. I had taken a lot of time studying their outfits. Actually, it wasn’t that complicated. Their costumes were similar to the modern one. The only differences were the white neckerchief, embroidered boots and fringed gloves and spandex pants. When they morphed as the Wild West Rangers, their suits actually follow  as near-stereotypical as the Western clothing elements.

I had customized for both the boots and the cuffs. I had simply use craft foam to create the embroidered part and to attach to the boots by velcro. For the fringed part that were seen on the cuffs, I had use leather and had cut thin layers to make the fringes. Like my custom-made embroidered boots, the fringes also been attached by velcros. This snap-and-stick thingy really comes in handy when making your own props =)

In the series, the side of their spandex pants had fringes. But of course, I ain’t gonna add those onto my own unless I had an extra suit that can be reserved for this. So I just leave it the way as it is. Having done with the boots, cuffs and the neckerchief is close enough. And of course, don’t forget the cowboy hat. I got one which I had brought years ago from the states. In the series, the Rangers did not wear it when morph. But to my case, I’ve decided to put it on as it suit just right for my old Western character =D

So there I go. Yesterday the 15th, where the event takes place. Giddy up and hi ho sliver with my Toku buddies. HOWDY YO!!! YEE WOOO!!!

Below are some of the best photos taken. They will do the talking from here =)

Frame 1 EOY

The weather was an intense heat yesterday. But that doesn’t stop for having the fun till it last. I’m happy the way my Wild West Red Ranger had turned out to be. As the way I had expected. I will probably cosplay this again in the future. The way I see it, this latest character of mine which comes out of the Red Ranger does portray like an alternate version. Except of course that he comes from 1880s. And who knows, if by chance, I might get my gang to turn their Power Rangers or Kamen Riders into Wild West version as well! Hahahahaha!


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