To Retire From Red Ranger……

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                   Stardate: 77142.5 (Dec 06th, 2013)

Few of my colleagues had asked me recently, how long would I planned to cosplay as the Red Ranger? Well, this is nothing new to me as there are many cosplayers had also asked me the same question. Guess its best to share it here too =)

Honestly it depends. I’m 29 this year. So I got a long way ahead to go before retiring as Red Ranger. I have been cosplaying as my childhood character for three years straight already. If I want to step down, will most likely be somewhere during my mid thirties. Or even one year before I turned 40. Obviously as we speak, I can’t continue be a Power Ranger once I gets old. Its just kinda weird for a 40-year old…..=/

Till then, I had the years ahead to held on to my morpher. Sounds catchy eh? I really like to phrase that way. Making like as if I really came out within that character in the shows! =D

Oh I almost forgot. They even asked me, would I continue to cosplay even after I retire as a Power Ranger?

Good question. Sherlock Holmes? Maybe?

“I may be old. But I can still morph!” – Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers Dino Thunder


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