Forever Red: A Reality In The Making…..

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                          Stardate: 70711.6 (Oct 28th, 2013)

A dream finally came true for me and my Power Rangers buddies as we finally managed to accomplish our very own Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After that recent photoshoot, we have declared ourselves as the first MMPR in Singapore. After all the years of patience, right up from our childhood history, the wait is over. If not for our tailors who had made it possible, we wouldn’t be where we stand now.

Now that our newly form Singapore’s MMPR has been successfully accomplished, the next target will be something similar. But however comes from only one particular ranger among the team. In each Power Rangers series, there’s one significant colour, and he usually stands as the leader of the team.

Yes, you guess it. The Red Ranger. It has always been this ranger which dons in that striking bold colour to lead his team in battle. This future team gonna be something that I personally wanted to achieve ever since I cosplay as the Red Ranger. This was even when our MMPR was in progress. This is specially for Red Rangers only. Project named: Forever Red.

The term “Forever Red” was used in episode 34 of Power Rangers Wild Force. As the title stated, it involves all the Red Rangers starting from Mighty Morphin till the current. All the Red Rangers that you’ve seen in those previous series were call back for a special mission. For those of you Power Rangers fans who keep up with the series, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen this episode. And its one of my favourites, especially seeing the legendary Jason from Mighty Morphin makes a comeback. The first Red Ranger and he still kickass! This episode is also commemorating as the tenth anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise.

All ten Red Rangers, all leaders from their respective teams been lead by one leader been reunite to come forth. To stop an incoming destruction that was capable of destroying a whole planet. 

This is my future plan. I wanted to have this Forever Red league of our own. In our group, we have currently four reds. Including myself, five. So apparently we are still insufficient of reds. My aim is to have a max of ten Red Rangers. You can say that I followed just like in the episode. Cause once I have all the nine reds plus myself, I can start to have our very first Singapore’s Forever Red photoshoot. It will be as epic like the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger photoshoot itself.

Also for me, it doesn’t have to be the same exact Red Rangers from that episode. It can be from the Japanese version of Super Sentai. Meaning those reds before Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger was created. This was the first Sentai series to be adapted into an installment of the American Power Rangers series, and used for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I had made it simple. As long they were Red Rangers, I’m happy with it. Regardless whether they came from Super Sentai (before Zyuranger) or Power Rangers. And all I need is ten as the max. If there’s more, even better still. I welcome as many reds as possible. Like in Japanese version of their own Forever Red. Theirs is a lot more since America only start off from Zyuranger.

But for photoshoot wise, I only need to start off with ten. Some of our guys were awaiting for their Red Ranger suits to arrive. It will be a long wait. I had my experience when my costume was in progress. So I know how one’s feel. But hopefully it won’t ended up being dragged for too long….=.=…..

My pals who were part of this future Forever Red were as anxious as I am to kick start this. Let’s just hope we can achieve this epic dream of a Power Rangers special group together.


Sample photo taken from Forever Red. Soon will be our turn. We can do this guys. We can make this a reality come true! =)


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