Singapore’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Photoshoot!

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                                Stardate: 75510.8 (Oct 20th, 2013)

We have been waiting patience for quite a long time. Especially me. Ever since I cosplay as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, I had always hope to achieve the original full crew. In full suits. We have done while in our Power Rangers hoodies. But it will be more epic when in full spandex!

That dream came true eventually. Right after two of our friends got their yellow and pink ranger suits. Before that there were only myself as red, black, blue, green and white ranger. Yellow and pink were like so rare if you asked me. But the wait is over as we managed to fulfill it eventually. And so as such, one of us had decided that we should have a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers photoshoot. All seven of us. Infact, we have been itching for this kind of photoshoot for a very long time. In full spandex of course.

For location wise will be at Gardens by the Bay. We have all agreed to use that beautiful lush botanical field for the photoshoot. Its perfect at every inch and corners. Infact, we be expecting the members of public to come rushing to take photos with us. The kids especially. I mean, who would resist superheroes like the Power Rangers? Kids just can’t take away their eyes from these types. It will be huge surprise for them! =D

We are all looking forward for that big day. We had invited the best photographers that we know of.

But however earlier, the sky doesn’t look too promising. It had rain from my side by the time I left my house. There, the dark clouds is coming in. Like as if something mysterious is about to happen. So before it started crying, the photographers decided to give their best and took shots after shots of us. As many of the best they can. Not only that, the locations within the gardens. To choose the best ones, and make it quick.

Expected for sure, the crowd just ran to us like a mob of paparazzi. Nothing much to say for this, cause you all know what’s behind the obvious reason =)

Well, this is it! The best photos taken by our photographers. Many credits to them! =)

Frame 1 mbs shoot

Even though we had to cut short due to the rain, we still managed to achieve all the shots needed. Also, ended up mingle with the crowd like real celebrities. As Power Rangers ourselves, what can we expect? Haha! And not forgetting, we also have a friend who cosplay as Masked Rider Ichigo! We regard him as a “special guest appearance” to our Mighty Morphin debut =)

We had finally achieve the full team of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In addition, this will be the 1st of our kind in Singapore. And we might gonna do more photoshoots like this in the future. Perhaps, with a fighting scene next. Thanks to all who had attended the photoshoot. And not forgetting, our photographers who had made us the best in their works. You guys are awesome! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! =)


  1. Hi! I’m looking for a red power ranger cosplayer to show up at my son’s birthday party. Not sure if you would be keen? Could you contact me please?

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