Why I Only Owned Not More Than 2 Power Rangers Suits?

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                             Stardate: 79021.8 (Oct 10th, 2013)

Another interesting topic that I’m willing to share. A lot of people, mostly cosplayers had asked me at times why I’m not like many of my Power Rangers and Kamen Riders pals where they have more than one or two suits. So I guess its better for me to be elaborate about it.

1st of all, you need a lot of money. Suits like this NEVER comes cheap. Types like this were consider to be mainstream. It will cost you from $500 – $800, depending. Also, you have to be really SERIOUS before considering getting one. Not only you ended up burning a hole in your wallet. But also be prepared to wait for a very long time for the suit to be deliver to your doorstep, especially when you brought it overseas. Could take several months. Or worse, a year. Yes, I’ve read from many that they had to endure that hectic one year and patience for their suits to arrive. That sounds like an eternity!  

2nd, why I only owned 2 suits? Cuz these 2 attracts me alot. Red Ranger or Tyranno Ranger as being my longtime childhood superhero. So that’s pretty much obvious that it will suits me alot. Felt like as if I’m born to become one….

Next is my Kyoryuger Red, from the latest Super Sentai. Not just because of its Tyrannosaurus appearance. But the fact that I ended up falling in love with it, does kicks me in to become on. Seriously, I was soooo into it. Learn a lot from it. And I LOVE IT!

I even had share a part of it in Facebook. Many like to switch to multiple characters. Cause to them, to cosplay as the same character over and over can be boring. Yes, that I do agreed. I switch too. But how many times have I switch? Cosplaying as the Red Ranger has always been my kind. Honestly, I didn’t really get bored with it. Infact it gets me going more excited. The badass character that I ever cosplay and close enough to hit the spotlight like my Red Ranger was becoming Sub Zero or Ghost Rider. Even though I cosplay once from both, I will cosplay as them again in the future. Ghost Rider especially, doesn’t have to be for Halloween, as what I had did last year. It fits well for normal cosplay events.

So yeah, that’s about it. Though I’m impressed by my friends for owning so many suits, I still stick to my kind of taste. No, its not because I’m choosy. 2 Power Ranger suits is enough for me. I ain’t gonna buy another. You can bet on it that my Kyoryuger Red is the last.


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