The Fun Of Photoshooting Toys

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 79091.5 (Oct 1st, 2013)

Its been quite some time since I’ve planned to join few of my buddies for their toy photoshoot. Within our fan based group of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders, there’s these pockets of us who were quite enthusiastic to take photos of toys. Mainly Power Rangers and Kamen Riders. From action figures, the zords, mechs, you named it!

So finally I got the chance to join with three of them for the toy photoshoot. We went to two places before the sun set. Sengkang Riverside Park and Pasir Ris beach. Reason being was that its perfect for my Megazord especially. Cause in the series, as everybody knows, before Megazord was formed, the zords were seen moving across the sandy terrain. So the sand at Pasir Ris beach makes a good idea to reenact. Best comes with the ocean at the background =D

Here’s are the best photos taken from us! =)

Frame 1 photoshoot

Though its just the start for me, its really quite fun. Adjusting and positioning the toys as the way we want them to. That several hours spend playing while taking photos of them was really worth. I’m starting to enjoy it. Kinda reminds me when I was a kid playing with action figures. Heehe….

We will do more soon. Also, we are hoping to search for any rocky terrain. Something that comes with bumps and hills and rocks which can make one hell of an epic frame for our toys. Power Rangers and Kamen Riders are meant for something extreme! =D


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