The Dark Side Of Sembawang Park

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                         Stardate: 70110.8 (Sept 22nd, 2013)

Its one of the places which is a far cry and rich in history. Located in the north of Singapore, this Sembawang Park was formerly occupied by the British forces where they had their naval base been constructed. Back then in WWII era, when they realized that the Japanese forces could get their hands on the dockyard, the British immediately closed the place down. That was in January 1942. However, for the following three years till 1945, the Japanese still used the naval base to service and repair their navy ships.

I had visited the place 3 years ago due to history purposes. The park has many interesting concepts with Singapore’s historical past. Mainly that this place was once the British docking base. The jetty, the pier, even the Beaulieu House where once accommodate for a David family.

The house was built in 1910s. When the naval base construction began in 1923, the British took over the house. It served as a residence for the senior engineers during construction. Also served for the senior officers during operations. Admiral Layton, the most senior Naval Officer in Singapore lived in this house for two years from 1940 – 1942.

Now its a fancy seafood restaurant where you can dine while enjoying the calmness and serenity of the park. At the same time, you can get a view of the ships been docked nearby, where it was once a British Dockyard.

The park is also surrounded by other places of historical interest like the Admiralty House, Kampong Wak Hassan, Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang and Sembawang memorial. There are many roads there will old black and white colonial houses.

Now history aside. I’m there once again together with few friends from SPI. Apart from being a historical place, Sembawang Park was also the talk of the town as being one of the top 10 most haunted places in Singapore. Certain corners of the areas, namely Kampong Wak Hassan where people claimed to have spotted countless sightings of Pontianaks lurking within that vicinity. This includes Jins and even a dog-headed man.

Especially the infamous Pontianak, which was heard pretty often. Most claimed to have seen them lurking within the vicinity of the park itself. It was said that some of the trees there were best suited as a perfect playground for these bloodsuckers. Judging by the look at those trees, you could tell by how lurking it looks. Like entering a trap. As far as I can recall, SPI did conduct an investigation here many years ago. I was told that they do felt some presence and a sudden drop of temperature. One of the members even claimed that he had felt someone poking him twice on the shoulder! 

Now years later, where one of us had posted inside our group page in Facebook. So only six of us were free to explore. We only have to concentrate on the park itself and the vicinity of Kampong Wak Hassan. Reason being cause we may hold an investigation on both places in the future. And that will be the second investigation after the first one which was conducted years ago.

We start off late afternoon. I’m surprised that some of the areas there still had construction on-going since I’ve visited 3 years back. Especially the road leading to Kampong Wak Hassan which is next to the pier. There’s a new path been built that leads to the direction of the jetty. Wide enough for a bus to go through. Other than that, it still held that nostalgia feeling which you just can’t help embrace it. The sweet smell of old times, and that wonderful mouth-watering aroma from the barbeque pits. Its quite windy and cooling as the sun sets. Feels like just wanna stay there forever. The serenity really helps to ease the mind away from the city life. Its just so beautiful…..

sembawang PARK frame

History may be in the history itself. Honestly I find it really interesting as I go about reading more. Seriously, you will never know what you might stumbled upon…..


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