911 Is Not An Option…..

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                Stardate: 78111.5 (Sept 14th, 2013)

Imagine, living in a world when every year, one night for 12 hrs, crime was been legalized. Murderer, theft, rapists, robbers, you named it, will infested the streets. Police and medics will not response to you. Emergency services will be suspended within that 12-hour period.

So what you gonna do? Especially if these creeps come crawling to your home. Are you able to protect yourself, your family, your home from this intruders. That night is their night. The street is theirs. None of you were to be out at this hour. So it’s your duty to protect your family and armed your place. With every guts and teeth and strength you have. Kill them if you have to!

Can’t you survived for 12 hrs? The real nightmare is about to begin….

Are you ready for the Purge?


Its a thrilling sci-fiction movie that me and some friends when to watch yesterday the 13th. Been looking forward for this movie. Now that its time, it felt like as if we are in the movie. Ready to face the struggle to survive.

The story was set in year 2022. The United States has become a ‘nation reborn”, with crime and unemployment rates hitting an all-time low. That’s why the government instituted this annual 12-hour period called “the Purge”. All criminal activity becomes legal. Apart from that, it was also designed to act as a catharsis for the locals. Meaning to say they have every right to vent all negative emotions and aggressive means to who they desire. Can be revengeful at the same time. 

Seriously, as how I had viewed it, it looks more like a human hunting season. Everybody have to be in their home and prepare for the worse if that family was been affected. And the movie itself had focus on one particular family, where there live a rich home security salesman. He has made a fortune selling home security systems. Technologically advance and state-of-the-art that are specifically designed for the Purge. And you can say that his home is heavily armed that will sealed all possible entrance.

Emergency services will be shut down for that 12-hour period. None of them will come to your aid. The Emergency Broadcast System will appeared on television, sires started blaring, commencing the start of the annual Purge.

You are in a survival mood now. What you gonna do, when you notice a group of masked vigilantes approaching your heavily fortified home. You have the weapons at your disposal. But were the defensive system really fortified? Will there be more of the freaks coming? Its your call. Your decision. To protect your life, family and property. Throughout the whole night, you’ll be fighting for survival in your own terrority till the next day where the Purge will end after 12 hours.

Its a movie that takes you at the very edge of the seat on what its like to live in a world where there’s such an horrifying annual event that exists. If you ask me, its more of like a test. to see how far the surviving subjects can go before it all ends. Or most probably to let this freaks get pounded by the civilians so that the cops wouldn’t have to put up with so much crimes. The way I see it, does look dramatically possible.

Imagine using the civilians to do all the dirty work by every means necessary. Cause at the end of the Purge, it was broadcasts stating that this Purge was the most successful due to the record high number of murders, with stock markets opening high due to the release of aggression and sales of home defense systems and weapons. Maybe its really got something to do with that as a means of surviving the nightmarish and tormented night. Anything can happened.

So if you are a fan of survival movies, or anything got to do with struggling for survival, this movie is recommended for you. I give it a 50-50. Though not much action-packed, I still find it interesting though. Damn, I wouldn’t want to live in a corrupted world like that!


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