Its Approaching… Hari Raya Is Coming!!

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                        Stardate: 70118.2 (Aug 6th, 2013)

Tomorrow the 7th marks the last day of the Muslim fasting period before opening the doors for Hari Raya, which is the following day. So far all has been going well for me during this month of Ramadan. And during that final week, me and my family has been busy decorating and cleaning the house. Buying new clothes, preparing the beverages, and baking the mouth-watering cakes. Especially the cakes, which was prepared by my mum, grandma and with the help of my younger sister. On few occasions, it had taken them all night! =D But still, they were indeed appetizing and were ready to be filled up in the bottles.

Outside the house along our hallway, decorative lights were flashing beautifully. Its really dazzling during the night! =)

2 more days left for the big day where we can finally feast together on the large menu on the table. Since tomorrow is the last day of the Ramadan, I wanna make it worthwhile. Looking forward for Hari Raya at the same time! =D



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