Something Awaken From The Pacific Rim….

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                        Stardate: 67010.7 (July 20th, 2013)

Its set in the near future of 2020. Its a war torn between machines and monsters emerged from the ocean of the Pacific Rim. No matter how many grounds of missiles, torpedoes, cannons, everything that the military have, these bug-eyed ugly monsters still stand strong. Those weapons were useless to them.

Many parts of the world were under attack by them. Or simply put it, that the Earth was under attack. So to combat the monsters, the world need to unites to create giant machines or mechs. Known as Jaegers, each controlled by two pilots whose minds are joined by this neural bridge. Through intensive experiment, one pilot couldn’t stand a chance to control this giant mechs and ended up almost hay-wiring their brain. Its too massive for a single crew to pilot it. So two pilots were needed, acting as the left and right brain of the Jaegers.

If you guessing it, then you are right. Its the epic science fiction movie known as Pacific Rim. These colossal monsters known as the Kaijus suddenly emerged from a portal beneath the ocean floor of the Pacific. So what you gonna do if this invaders attack your planet? Tons of massive destruction launch by the military can’t stop this Godzilla-related monsters. You are running out of options. You need something more than just kick-ass. Something huge, packs a super punch that will match them in order to outmatch them! If you can’t get a decent monster, make one out of armour! Your mission, is to defeat the monsters with every anticipating punches and kicks you got and to destroy the portal where these monsters emerge from.

Watch this movie yesterday the 19th and I say its really blown your mind away. Pacific Rim is unbelievable awesome! It’s a BAMM! SMASH! SLAM! so much that I wouldn’t want to leave my seat even though I felt the urge to pee! Too intense! The effects were just so realistic, super-brooding, more than just thrilling. The monsters themselves, seems like they came a lot from those Japanese movies about monsters. Godzilla just welcome you his friends from hell!

Seriously, this movie is a MUST!! So if you are a fan of Transformers, Godzilla or anything related that has got to do with monsters v.s machines, this movie is strongly recommended for you! Its better than Transformers, if you ask me. No offense intended for fans of Transformers. Speaking of which, it also reminds me a lot of Megazords seen in Power Rangers. Especially at the start of the movie. HAHA! =D

Go watch! Hate to be a spoiler! =D


* While waiting for the Pacific Rim movie to start, there’s this cool movie coming soon seen from the commercial. Its called R.I.P.D, short for Rest In Peace Department. Through the trailer, it seems like those cops who were killed in the line of duty had their souls been send to the afterlife and into this “department.” I was totally so into it! Can’t wait!!! =D


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