A Night Of Endless Laughter!

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                      Stardate: 62202.1 (July 13th, 2013)

This happened yesterday night the 12th. Me and my cosplay friends of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders had decided to break fast together at this famous eating place, known as Lau Pa Sat, which is located in the heart of Central Business District. Yes, its now the Muslim holy month of the Ramadhan period. Not only for us Muslims, but we also invite some of our non-Muslim friends as well. More like a gathering.

Its also dedicated for a friend of ours, cause in a few days time he will be enlisted for his National Service. This has been prepared for quite some time. So its best for him to have this last gathering with us before his enlistment. 

The atmosphere there was just as exciting as us. Like any other fun gathering I’ve attended, yesterday night was really a blast like a rocket! Never laugh that much till I nearly puke out my food! Hahahaha! Too much insane jokes, laughter, stupid stories while we feast on the appetizer beneath the stars. By the look of it, I think we are the most noisiest patrons there.. =D

But really, it has been a wonderful night for us. We really should have more gathering like this. We can have a whole day or night of endless fun around the table =)

Here’s the night we had spend. A group photo is always what keeps as a lifelong memories.. =)



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