Cosfest XII 2013: The Heart And Soul Of Cosfest

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                     Stardate: 60801.7 (July 8th, 2013)

After all that months, weeks, days and hours of waiting, the most lovable and favourite cosplay event has finally landed again at the heart of Downtown East at Pasir Ris. Before this, most of the cosplayers were busy mending, altering, fixing, sewing, getting some stuff for their costumes and props to prepare for that fun day. You can tell just by reading the flow of their posts in Facebook that just keeps coming and coming like spamming! =D

This year theme will be Cosfest XII: Heart and Soul of Cosfest. Most cosplayers wouldn’t want to miss this chance, even for myself. Everybody is looking forward for this. That’s why I had planned my leave in advance. And thankfully it has been approve. I hate to miss it! An event where you can get to meet new cosplayers also. Happy and be carefree while having fun cosplaying! =)

The event was dated on the 6th till yesterday the 7th. As usual, it will fall on weekends. On the 1st day, I will be cosplaying as Kyoryuger Red from the latest Super Sentai series. The 2nd day, I will be the all-time favourite and veteran Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To me, the last day will have to be the epic one! =)

The weather was damn hot on both days. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying and keeping the fun and excitement alive. If you ask me, the previous cosfest from the recent years has always been under the heat. But most of us are used to it already. As long the weather is fine, there shouldn’t be a problem =) 

These are some of the best photos taken on both days. They will do the talking from here. =)

blog frame

I’m surprised to know that most of the people there do recognize my character on the 1st day. I only expected not much. But turns out most of them will scream excitedly upon spotting a Kyoryuger Red walking across the field infested with cosplayers. Cause not everyone will know what is Super Sentai. At most, they will only recognize the title of the Japanese counterparts, which is the Power Rangers. How surprisingly I was on that day. Happy to know that my Kyoryuger Red was a success. Its as fearsome as my Red Ranger is. Yah!! =D

Both days has been a blast, especially on the 2nd day. You know I know! Hahaha! But all fun things will soon come to end. Its been an enjoying time cosplaying with other cosplayers, other than with my ranger and Kamen Riders pals. All of us did an awesome job entertaining the excited crowd. The kids loved it! =D

There’s more cosplay events to come. Looking forward for more! =)


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