Amber Beacon Tower: The Truth

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 69088.6 (July 1st, 2013)

The Amber Beacon Tower at East Coast Park, I’m pretty sure most of you have heard and seen it. Also known as the Yellow Tower, due to its colour and what most of us would simply call it. It acts like a lighthouse, which sends out light signals to ships, to warn them that they are close to the shores.

There a mystery about this lone structure there has shrouded for decades. Ask anyone on the streets. Most would tell you the same story, where a couple was dating up there before been surrounded by a group of thugs in the late of the night. The boy got beaten up badly and the poor girl was been gang-raped before they killed her.

What happens next, most people will claimed to have heard screams of help when they passes there in the middle of the night. Some believe the time they heard was the time where the girl was been rape. Some even swear that they had saw an apparition floating on the upper deck of the tower, and believe that could be the spirit of the young girl. They say, her soul remains unrest as the culprits who was responsible, was never found till today.

Up till now, this story has been spreading to be deemed as the actual cause. But is it true? Is there really such a case happening years ago? The girl was been murdered. The thugs were never caught. But what about that young man, or the boyfriend? What happened to him after that? Was he been murdered as well? There’s no mentioned about what happened to him.

A puzzle was missing somewhere. To find out whether this story was genuine, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) decided to investigate this by the book. That means, to see if there’s any article or newspaper that mentioned about this case.

Sometimes, we just have to go the long-winded way to see if we can dig out any. We are more than just a paranormal investigator.

After much research, we managed to find the date, which dates back to 1990. Damn, I was only in kindergarden back then..

The case was reported in the Straits Times, and the only way to find out was to head down to the National Library where it was been archive in the microfilm.

Soon turned out, what we heard and what we had believe in the 1st place, wasn’t a fact. Based on the newspaper, there’s no rape case taken place.

Couple was stabbed by two unknown men which they were chatting on the spiral steps of the tower. No mentioned of group of thugs.

Both couple, badly injured had staggered to a nearby restaurant for help. The guy, who was stab at the back was conscious and his condition was stable.

The girl, however, was found dead upon police arrival. She was been stabbed on the left of the neck, just below the ear. Both were in their early 20s. This is really tragic, for such a very young age….

Below were the actual report, dated on 17 May 1990. I let the newspaper do the talking.


We also found another related article. 2 years after her death, the deceased family decided to makes the second appeal. The family just find it hard to cope with it and were not been able to sleep for that past 2 years due to this unsolved murder. No one will, when a loved one and innocent were been murder….

Below were the actual report, dated on 11 June 1992.


“The last two years have been torture for us, knowing that the person or persons who killed Kelly are still at large. No one can understand the loss we feel.”

Years have past. Its still remains unsolved. The culprits were never found. Still remains a mystery.

We may have found the real story. But what about the story of the girl been rape before killed were circulate? Simply been make up? Looks likely it had been. As what many would say. People can make-up the story. But reports usually don’t lie.

Also, has there been any actual paranormal sightings there? If so, was it related to the actual report that we had uncovered? You know, we might want to investigate there to see if we can detect any.

Thanks to the reports, we can finally debunk it. After all those years, we managed to find out the truth! =)


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