Singapore: Haze Update

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                         Stardate: 67421.8 (June 23rd, 2013)

This press release is taken from the National Environmental Agency (NEA) due to the haze update. I let the report do the talking. 

“There has been an improvement in air quality since last night, and this improvement has been sustained this morning. As at 12 noon today, the 24-hr PSI is 88-98 and the 24-hr PM2.5 is 81-102 microgrammes/ cubic metre.

The improvement in the air quality is due to a change in the direction of the low level winds over Singapore, from south-westerly to southerly, since last night. The 24- hour PSI for the rest of today is expected to be in the Unhealthy band (101-200) instead of the earlier forecasted band of 201-300.

The health advisory for 23 Jun 2013 is as follows:

Healthy persons should minimise prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion.

Elderly, pregnant women, children should minimise prolonged outdoor activity.

Persons with chronic medical conditions especially lung or heart disease should avoid all outdoor activity. If outdoor activity is unavoidable, wear an N95 mask.

For Employers

Employers should deploy susceptible employees to work indoors where possible.

Employers should provide N95 masks to susceptible employees working outdoors if outdoor activity is unavoidable.”

Though the sky seems clear, let’s wait for a day or two to confirm. That is how I will viewed it, before its my turn to hip hip hooray! PSI readings may be below 90. But still we need to maintain our healthier living like how it happened during that hazy days. That’s nothing much I could say since it was already written in the update report. The only simple thing we can do is, drink lots of water and maintain that healthy lifestyle. That’s the least of the best cure.

But of course, its nice to see the sky again. Get to smell that fresh air once again. Its like as if a new dawn just emerged! =)

Despite saying all that, the blazing heat still just won’t go away…. =.=….


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