Smokey Everywhere!

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                Stardate: 60114.6 (June 21st, 2013)

I just have to write this down, even though I did one yesterday the 20th. I woke up to see this unbearable haze so thick that the opposite flats infront of mine looks like as if its vanishing anytime soon. Looks like we are in some Twilight Zone or Silent Hill. I could already smell the smoke! To hell with the PSI readings. By the looks of it you can already see that we are in the danger level!

The situation is beyond terrible. The authorities should react at any time possible before its gets any worse. No point just talk without any action taken. I understand that its not going to be easy. But at least show us that action is currently taken in place. Proof to us that their contribution in stopping this is currently underway. Not after it happens then you guys immediately went for it.

Readings is at 40o now. But as mentioned, screw with the readings. Haze this thick, you are roughly guess how worse it had become. You might even ended up wearing a mask while indoors! And seeing the haze this thick, I feel like so reluctant to go to work. My throat is already started to feel scratchy. Damn to those who are responsible for this! This is just too much! 

Many of us had hope it will rain. Yes, let’s hope it will rain. It had been a blazing days ever since. At least the haze will be reduced by an amount if its rain. This time we need really those showers from the sky.

Close all the windows if you have to. The sky is already been polluted bad enough. Don’t let it polluted your room next.


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