Haze….Haze Everywhere!

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                Stardate: 69077.1 (June 20th, 2013)

Ever since Monday the 17th, the haze which was been carried from the burning forest of Sumatra, Indonesia had cloaked the island here with much extensive rate. It exceed at 380 on Wednesday night, the 19th. Reaching close to 400. The highest PSI readings ever recorded so far. Worse, as according to the health authorities, this is within the hazardous level. Sounds scary enough?

This is really bad, especially for those who got asthma. PSI readings range between 100 – 200 is already bad enough, yet alone to choke yourself under his hazardous level. We are really in serious trouble. Even for those who are fit, still need to take extra precaution in taking good care of the health. Avoid any outdoor activities if in doubt. Level as high as this doesn’t sounds at all convincing to keep in shape. You might never know when you will get the unexpected illness.

Clinics islandwide had started to be swarming with its patients, as seen in the news. What’s more, my Facebook were been overwhelmed by posts after posts from friends about the haze. Just seem unbearable! Then you will see the stock of masks or surgical masks everywhere. So far, this is the worse haze ever to hit here than previous cases. Though this is nothing new, we still cannot take lightly of it. This time, its scary shit! Most unbearable of all was the dry and humid weather. Double the worse! 

The haze looks so thick that I can’t barely see. Can’t even see the apartments opposite mine. Its all so fogged up! And especially at my working place, when on duty at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. So clouded that I feel like as though we are at Genting Highlands. Expect that its a hot Genting. 

The ministers here can only assumed that this haze will carry on for a week. So at the moment, we are strongly advise to maintain good health and not to participate in any outdoor activities during this bad cloudy period. They will have a conference meeting with the Indonesia authorities, as well as together with Malaysia since that island too, was badly affected like Singapore. Hopefully, this matter can be resolved without any forms of conflict, and to combat whoever responsible for the damage cause.

So a simple advise. Drink lots of water and maintain good health while still keep up with your daily routines.


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