iFLY Sentosa Superhero Cosplay Competition

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                                    Stardate: 67785.6 (June 10th, 2013)

The moment has finally arrived. Me and my gang of superheroes took a leap forward and set foot on Singapore’s favourite tourism island, Sentosa. All of us are there for a cosplay competition, which was jointly organized by costume talent company, Movia Mania and iFly Sentosa. Yes, the place will be held at iFly itself, and the competition was set for superheroes only. NO villains are welcome! =)

Initially, the competition was stage only for DC and Marvel superheroes. Since I don’t owned any costumes from either side, I can forget about joining in.

But fortunately, it was soon change that ALL superheroes are welcome. But still, DC or Marvel superheroes are preferred. Other than that, all superheroes from different series, generations are all welcome to participate. This is where you might want to consider =)

The competition was held yesterday on the 9th. I had decided to take this opportunity and to compete as Kyoryuger Red. A character from the latest Japanese Super Sentai series, and which I had mentioned some time back. So far this is my 3rd time taking part in a cosplay competition. But honestly speaking, its not just about trying to win. Its all about enjoying my time there will my cosplay friends, like as though its a normal cosplay event. Whether I win or not, its all up to the judges or due to the number of voters.


There’s Ironman there too. And pretty sure he’s gonna win. And guess what. He did. Expected for sure! The costume has always been awesome. No doubt about it.

However for me, I did not win. But I’m not all disappointed. Cause to me, having fun with my friends there is more than enough. That’s what I’m aiming for at the most. If you win, you are in luck. Besides, I know myself that my new Kyoryuger Red is a success! Also, we still get a goodie bag. Better worth than nothing! =D

Anyway, congrats to the winners of the competition. Well done! =)


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