Anime Matsuri!

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                        Stardate: 66148.2 (June 03rd, 2013)

I came across this event while surfing in Facebook. Taken place at Funan IT Mall, the event is all related about Japanese pop culture. Just by reading the event’s name, you can definitely tell for sure that this got something to do from the land of the rising sun. Just like most related Japanese events in Singapore, its all about the wonders from their anime, workshops, games, music, fashion, sports, you name it! And one of the popular theme that just couldn’t escape from our heads is the cosplaying part. Ever since then, it had become a trend as most of the theme usually had cosplay included. Well, what more there is to attract cosplayers to gear up and go with the flow of this popular trend =)

But this also includes, as what I found out, well-known cosplayers were invited to come on stage and meet their fans. Either local or internationally, and more of a celebrity appearance. Just imagine the screams when one of their most favourites walks up on stage and embrace their fans. 

The event lasted for a week, from May 27 till yesterday, June 02. May 27 was a weekday, and starting from that day, there’s obviously wouldn’t be much crowd since its a working and schooling period. So best falls on weekends, and the last day usually attracts most audiences.

Since its a small event, I decided to drop by as Red Ranger hoodie. So fortunate that it was my off day. Best to enjoy  the day’s off by cosplaying and have fun with the other cosplayers. And that thrilling moment when cosplaying as a Power Ranger always tingles me to the max. Even when donning just the hoodie =D

Frame 1.1 MAtsuri

Due to the small area, we hardly had any space to move about. All seems cramped up. But we still had our fun. Posing for photos and even gets to meet those well-known cosplayers as special guests for those lucky ones. And I even turned lucky too. Sometimes I get a few kids came hugging me while in Red Ranger form. But just now, there’s this sweet little girl give me a kiss after she hug me. Her parents told me that she likes the Red Ranger. All Red Rangers or just this Red Ranger from the old school Power Rangers? =P

You never know how red I had turned inside that Red Ranger helmet of mine. Even though just by kissing the helmet. My heart was so melted. I never wipe that side of my helmet again…

I think I’m the most luckiest of all! hehe….

Overall, it has been an enjoyable day. Looking forward for more upcoming events! =)


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