PYSS Reunion Lunch Outing!

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 67710.7 (Apr 6th, 2013)

Been waiting for this moment for a week! This is it! Finally get to meet my old classmates from Ping Yi Secondary School (PYSS) all this time since we graduated 12 years old.

Those donkey years……Time flies and time changes after all those years. All of us had own lives to settle with. Some of us were married and had kids. Some still single.

But still, the bonding is why we are there together. That’s the most important part in everyone of us to maintain that friendship after so long of not seeing one another. Facebook had help us to meet back our old friends. But its always better if we were to reunite by meeting old friends once again.

So far, I do meet up with one of them already when she invited me and my cosplay friends to suit up in our superheroes outfit for her two daughters birthday last year. Now its that reunion moment where we all were to finally meet up once again, at one of the Sakura’s buffet restaurants as a lunch reunion outing.

Memories flooded in fast upon seeing their faces. We laugh, joke about, reminiscing of our schooldays, and currently what we have been doing as we indulge on the mouth-watering buffet that the restaurant has to offer. That’s just so much to talk about! So much to share! =D

Best part is when the restaurant started playing old songs from Backstreet Boys. It suddenly reminds us of our schooldays back then. As a BSB fan, I used to listen to the songs everyday on my discman. Till now, I’m still strongly a big fan of BSB! Never fails them! Always and always be a BSB fan! =D

Photos of my classmates from the 90s taken at the restaurant! =)


Indeed, we all enjoyed a fruitful time together and hopefully we can still remain in contact. And also, hopefully more of our old classmates can join us for our future outings.

Once again to our dear friend, Noryehan. Thank you so much for organizing this reunion. We are blessed to have a friend like you that truly bring us back together. Now that we are reunite after all those years, let’s treasure this moment of friendship back once again and to remain strong while still walks the Earth. You guys rocks! =D


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