O’hanami Sakura Fest

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 61104.5 (Mar 17th, 2013)

The moment I read the event name, I knew for sure it got something to do with Japanese culture. All about their traditional elements and just about everything “MADE IN JAPAN.” Best for those who are into this culture. The event takes place at Jurong Point Mall on the weekends, yesterday the 16th and today the 17th.

**And don’t forget, Power Rangers were originally from Japan as Super Sentai, and that we are still considered part of Japanese culture.

There’s a cosplay competition on the 16th. There will be a variety of booths showcasing “MADE IN JAPAN” stuff. Even foodstalls. But those who wanna come just for the usual cosplay is also welcome as this is a novice-friend cosplay event. The last day will be various of performances. More to music oriented.

Both days I’m off. But I only made my appearance on the 1st day since it was recommended for those who want to cosplay. And also, there’s where the competition will be held.

And since this is a small event, I just cosplay as Red Ranger hoodie. Simple and casual Red Ranger me! =D Furthermore this event will be my 1st cosplay appearance for this year 2013.


Here’s some of the best photos taken! =)

Frame 1111

The event space is relatively small. With all the crowd gathered there, there’s hardly much space to move around.

But nevertheless, it been great to join in for the event. Really had a lot of fun with friends and the people as they take photos with us.

Now looking forward for more cosplay events! =)


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