Re-Opening Cosplay Project

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 63914.8 (Mar 5th, 2013)

After putting in so much thoughts into it, I had decided to re-opened a cosplay project. A project which I had long abandoned it due to lack of experience in getting it done. I didn’t pay much attention in giving all my effort into it back then cause I got the feeling it might not work out. This is even before my Red Ranger suit arrives.

Back then yes… I just give up. But now, after much thinking and debating in my own head, I decided that I will. Besides, I always dream to cosplay as this character. Its just so cool and totally mainstream! Too machine! Too engrossed!

But guys, sorry to say that I won’t reveal much about it. It will remained a secret until the time is right. I can only tell you that its all armour and its from a fighting game, which is also based on a movie. But the character itself, doesn’t appeared in the movie.

Since its all armour, which I’m gonna built it using foam like those epic cosplayers, its gonna buy some time. A lot of time. I’ve done doing armour before. Not really something like from head to toe. But more of crafting a vest, gauntlets for myself and some few cosplay friends of mine. From there, I will pick up my skills and try to gradually improve.

Those epic cosplayers who built their epic armours using foam had start from small. And slowly showing signs of improvements. I just had to give a shot myself. Their efforts really pays off!

I will…..try my very best. For this one…..


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