A Superhero Dream…..

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 65004.9 (Mar 1st, 2013)

You know, ever since I cosplay as Red Ranger, I’ve been getting a lot of incredible dreams where I was really the Red Ranger. Saving lives, fighting villains, help in restoring justice. Sometimes alone and sometimes with my other fellow rangers or other superheroes. I uphold the true powers of being one, and that my morpher is real. Seriously, why…..

My friends thinks its great. I mean, its quite rare to have such dreams, isn’t it? Well, I had to agree to that. Or some might say, I’ve been watching too much Power Rangers, and that I had cosplay a lot as Red Ranger. So in particular, your mind started to rewind those great moments while you are in sleep mood. In addition, as a big fan of Star Trek I do once in a while dream that I captained a Federation starship, and to lead a stronghold of Federation fleet to eliminate an invading enemy forces. How cool was that!? =D

Well, I’m not always that keen to share how cool my dream is. But this one is just so thrill to me that I just had to share.

I dreamt that I retired from being a Red Ranger. That’s it. No more. No more summoning the Tyrannosaurus. No more dealing with the villains. I’m getting too old. Wanna live a simple life now. Besides, there are other superheroes way better, and more advance than me.

I dreamt that I live in a fictional Singapore where there’s tons of superheroes who had dedicate their lives in protecting the country. We were so well-known that the citizens depends on us most of the time. It kinda reminds me of Marvel Comics and Justice League.

So, I sealed away my morpher inside a showcase. One last look. It lies there. Untouched. No more Red Ranger. Goodbye.…forever…

Fast forward 6 years later. One day a rampage of hell broke loose at Central Business District. Monsters….monsters everywhere. Superheroes fought hard! They were beaten badly, but ain’t giving up. They can’t give up! They had dedicated their lives in protecting the country and its people.

I watch it in the news. Its hell on Earth. There’s superheroes already. Why need me? I switch off the TV just to avoid the worries. Do my own things. Let those heroes handle. I’m pretty sure they win by then. I work with them before….

Then I got a call. One of the heroes there desperately need me to assist. Frantically telling me to come back to the League of Justice! I told him firmly that I ain’t gonna, even despite hearing the explosions and the horrifying screams at the background. He keep pleading. I made my choice!

“Why need me where there’s a bunch of you way better than me!” I hang up.

I looked out at the window, which faces CBD. From where I stand, I saw…..smoke…. So high that it block the sun. Then pockets of explosions. The screams there were loud enough for me to hear. Disembodied cries….

Seeing it suddenly make me weak. It pains me to see the suffering. Not just the citizens. But from the heroes as well. They were overwhelmed! Sooner or later they couldn’t take much of it and be declared defeated. The desperate voice of the hero who call me echoed in my head: “We need you back!”

NOOO!! I bawled my fist and punch it on the wall! I WILL NOT!!! RED RANGER IS NO MORE!!!! I WILL NOT COME BACK!! I WILL NOT….

Then came an explosion nearby. I ran to the window. I saw three enemy alien fighters whizzed past and heading towards CBD. They just destroyed a building nearby my apartment. My God! They are bringing air support!

My heart sank. Its getting worse. This left me…. My mind says go. But my feet wouldn’t let me. Another explosion. This time so near that I nearly were thrown to the floor.

I gathered enough courage and storm straight to a room. Where right at the end, being display in a small showcase, was my morpher. Left untouched for the past 6 years. The gold Tyrannosaurus coin gazed up me, as I looked. Like as if its calling me. Persuading me.

To go…one last morph…..

I open up the showcase. Hold up the morpher. It felt so different after been untouched for 6 years. My eyes…and the eyes from the dinosaur met. Somehow I hear a roar. A roar of the Tyrannosaurus. Summoning me……to summon it. The morpher shines surprises me. It has awaken by my touch! My heart beats faster. Somehow I feel a surge of energy as I grip hard onto the morpher. Its like as if…. as if….

Another explosion. This time my apartment shook hard and I fall. Gritted my teeth, hold my morpher up and seethed..

“One…last…morph… Hang on heroes. I’m coming!”


And I woke up…..

I stared into the darkness, and wonder. Would I ever dream something like this again? As many times I dream about it, I got the feeling by no doubt, I might get another…..

And if it gets too interesting, I might be willing to share.


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