A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Hoodies Photoshoot!

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 69914.7 (Feb 18th, 2013)

Had a whole lot of fun yesterday the 17th, where eight of us were at Boat Quay for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers photoshoot. But not entirely in full suit. Just in our ranger hoodies. Casual form. Of course, with the helmets along! =) Yes, we managed to get a full crew for the original 6, especially for the pink and yellow. But among us one of them will suit up as the Gold Ranger hoodie.

Gold Ranger was seen in Power Rangers Zeo, which is the 2nd generation after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Its that special 6th ranger with a large gold chest plate warped around his chest. He was portrayed by Austin St. John who played as Jason Lee Scott, who was also the same character when he was the Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin.

The photoshoot may be for Mighty Morphin. But we regard more of him as a special appearance in the shoot. Why not? =D

3 photographers were with us to help out in the shoot. The weather appeared kinda dull, looks like its gonna rain though. But thankfully it not. Other than that the weather is windy. So at least we ain’t gonna sweat so much.

Before we arrived there, I already expect there gonna be a lot of people there wanting to take a photo of us. The kids especially. We are out in an open. Obvious isn’t it? Hahaha! But hei, we won’t mind at all! Its like when we are in a cosplay event. Especially me! =D

The photos will speak for the fun that we had! =D


Frame 1 photoshoot

And at the end of the day we thank one another to how awesome this Rangers photoshoot has been. So happy to finally get the full crew of the old school MMPR, even just hoodies! And especially, many thanks to the photographers for being there. Couldn’t have done it better without you guys! =D

Indeed, it has been a great Morphenomenal Sunday! =)


Power Rangers
Md.Ariffin (Me/Red)
Zaidi (Green)

Muharram (Black)
Nadia (Yellow)
Raymond (Blue)
Melissa (Pink)
Chazzy (White)
Syafuan (Gold)

John Kwok

  1. DIY says:

    Hey wow! Those are some REALLY awesome hoodies! May I know where you got them from please? (: My siblings and I are huge fans of Power Rangers too!!!

    • captain24 says:

      Hi! =) You can find them in ebay. But you may not get the same ones like what you’ve seen, cause this one are no longer in stock.

  2. akmal ismail says:

    Where did he get the gold ranger hoodie?? Really a big fan of the gold ranger especially

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