To Valentine Or Not?

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 68131.4 (Feb 14th, 2013)

I just have to blog this down…

Valentine’s Day: Falls on Feb 14th, is a day to celebrate love, the most beautiful feeling in the world. And for some people, it’s that time of the year where they will even propose to their love.

But for most people, they think that (or some believe that), is the day where the guys especially, will blow out their money in buying the most expensive gifts for their lover. Just to shower the relationship between them with all the love and attention.

Of course, I did not say its wrong to celebrate. A friend says, you can celebrate. But no point if you ridiculously spend too much money on such gift. I’m inclined to agreed on that. But on the other hand, its still nice to give some kind of a present or perhaps a greeting on V-Day. As the saying goes, there’s no harm in spending that once in a while, especially on this special occasion. Like dining out at the most luxurious restaurant once in a blue moon.

For me, I can’t and will not because of my religion. I rather not talk about it as I might attract certain kind of conflict if I were to bring out this issue. I rather you google it yourself and research as to why.

If you were to ask me about V-Day, I would say its like celebrating someone’s or your loved one’s birthday. Or like an anniversary. Seriously. I don’t see any difference at all. Its still like bringing your love one and spend time with her on any other day. On the other hand V-Day can be a everyday thing if both were happy. Can be possible.

So for those people, out of the 365 days per year, why must it have be on this day if one were to being too oblivious and ended up wasting money?

If one were to celebrate, its best to do something meaningful from the heart. Rather than just always spending a lot on gifts and chocolates and stuff unreasonably. That can be done on any other day isn’t it? Do it like how you would treat your date like any other special occasions. For marry couples, even a romantic dinner at the comfort of your home would be splendid too. True love is better than materialistic items. After all, it only comes once a year!

I’m saying this as NOT to offend or to lecture anyone whose celebrating it. Go ahead, no one stopping you. No one has the rights! Cuz I know for some of you had take this golden opportunity to celebrate with your love one and to had as something special, something meaningful.

The problem is I see many of my friends keep whining and complaining in Facebook that they don’t have a date, feeling single or “forever alone” or whatsoever. For most people just can’t be bothered. Sorry to say this but I couldn’t help seeing how annoying this can be.

Come on! Complaining that you are “forever alone” on Valentine’s Day, don’t have a date, or whatsoever, doesn’t mean it will left you to rot on your butts! Its not like the world will fall onto you. And seriously, how you define “forever alone?” What’s that mean to you? Cause as far as I can tell, you will most likely be whining the same thing on any other day.

And being single doesn’t mean that you need to find V-Day a depressing occasion. Infact, you can spend time with those you love instead. Your friends and family especially. V-Day doesn’t always count for couples only. Catch a movie, dining with friends and family. Its still bonding with love. Not necessary to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy V-Day =)

And for those who celebrating it, I can only wish you all the best! Take this golden opportunity to enjoy a splendid time with your love one. The day is yours to embrace! =)

And as for me, its just a normal ordinary Thursday. And its a wet Thursday since morning. Infact, it has been quite a storm since the start of Chinese New Year. Probably this whole week will be a monsoon season….


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