1st Entry Of 2013. Not Much……

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 69553.9 (Jan 14, 2013)

As for right now, there’s seem to have no events taking place during this 1st month of the new year. And I mean, cosplay events. Haha! =D So pretty much cosplayers have to hold back that excitement of theirs, especially those who are so much into it, and to focus on other matters at the present moment. Important ones. Its never too late for cosplay.

Also, this is a good time where they can prepared themselves. To make changes, amend or crafting their cosplay stuff whenever they got the time before the next cosplay event, which is somewhere in February.

As for me…well, the usual stuff I supposed. Work, the same old story one day after another. Not much excitement for the past few weeks. Also, had to undergo some physical training just to strength up my stamina. Its a long story. And yeah, I hope to keep up with it once I’m done. I had to try…..

And ever since before the new year emerge, the weather had been pretty bad. It keep raining day after day. It will be sunny in the morning. And in the afternoon, it will rain. Either heavy or light. Like yesterday, where me and few of my pals were having a picnic outing at the Botanic Gardens. We were pretty annoyed that it started drizzling. And finding a shelter seems impossible! Cause those we came across had tons of people occupying it. All we have to do is pray hard. And eventually, the drizzling came to a stop. Our outing is almost ruined.

Well, you might never know when the sky’s gonna change its mood. It might be sunny in the morning. Then later, it will be dark. Or the other way around….

Well, back to the old grind I guess. Looking forward for the next cosplay event. I had to admit, don’t I? =P


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