End Of Year 2012

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 62078.1 (Dec 10th, 2012)

2012 is coming to an end. And so cosplayers were given this opportunity to take part in this End of Year cosplay event before coming back for more for next year. EOY is all about Japanese culture and arts event held in Singapore. From anime, comics, music, dance you named it! Cosplay competitions, definitely! =) Most importantly, just like any other cosplay events, its aim and objective is to welcome all cosplayers to develop a community of friendship. It has always been. Making new friends and enjoy as much as you can along the way =)

And this year EOY will be much more exciting as the organizers had promise that it will be more than just a cosplay event. There will be some quests for the cosplayers to took part in. The place chosen for this year was at Marina Barrage, and I say the organizers indeed had done a pretty good job in choosing the place. Its spacious, lots of good areas for photoshoots and comes with a great scenery of the Marina Bay vicinity. The environment was just right! Kudos to the organizers for making our day! =D

The event was held yesterday the 9th. I decided to suit up as Red Ranger hoodie. Just the hoodie, helmet, red pants, boots, gloves and lots of fun! Simple as that! =D

And yes indeed, me and my pals really had a lot of fun there. Get to meet new friends, exchange coscards (Should have bring more….), play with the kids, photoshoots, even sparing with a good friend, especially. From the start till sun set! Awesome fun! =)

These photos will tell you why =D

Frame 1eoy

It has been a blast! Looking forward for more again next year! =D


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